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I’m making romhacks since 2008. Firstly idea was only to make ‘upgrade’ of RnR Racing, but after I’ve think that gained knowledges should be used much more. So, I continued with RRR hacking and aslo made several hacks for other games, and started more projects.



1 Document
DuckTales2 full disassembly + .idb baseNESSource Code20 Sep 2015

16 Hacks
P.O.W.: Prisoners of War - Two Players HackNESComplete04 Dec 2016
Sonic The Hedgehog (NES) Improvement V1.0 + MusicNESAddendum01 Dec 2016
Battletoads and Double Dragon - smash hits sounds fix + PAL versionGENImprovement15 May 2016
Tokkyuu Shirei: Solbrain - extra musicNESImprovement06 Jan 2016
Battletoads - BugfixNESBug Fix23 Aug 2015
Jungle Book - Normal BrightnessNESImprovement14 Aug 2015
Darkwing Duck - SoR2 musicNESComplete23 May 2015
Streets of Rage 2 - No Friendly FireGENImprovement31 Dec 2014
TMNT3 - difficulty levels selectNESImprovement14 Dec 2014
DuckTales 2 - Two Players HackNESComplete08 Sep 2014