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9 Hacks
Streets of Rage 2 - KurenaiGENImprovement21 Jul 2012
Streets of Rage 3 - Android Lightning XIIIGENImprovement20 Jul 2012
Streets of Rage 2 - CodyGENImprovement16 Jun 2012
Streets of Rage 2 - ShinobiGENImprovement16 Jun 2012
Streets of Rage 3 - Lightning XIII HackGENImprovement25 May 2012
Streets of Rage 3 - Ruby Android HackGENImprovement24 May 2012
Streets of Rage 2 - Lightning FF XIII PatchGENImprovement24 May 2012
Streets of Rage 2 - Blaze & Ruby TX EditionGENImprovement19 Apr 2012
Streets of Rage 2 - Android Lightning FF XIIIGENImprovement21 Jan 2011