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Armed Dragon Fantasy Villgust (EN)Translation
Dai-2-Ji Super Robot Taisen (EN)TranslationText translation
Famicom Mini: Dai-2-Ji Super Robot Taisen (EN)TranslationText translation
Getsu Fuuma Den (EN)TranslationLead translator
Heracles no Eikou: Ugokidashita Kamigami - The Snap-Story (EN)TranslationMisc Spot Translations
Hisou Kihei X-SERD (EN)TranslationLead translator
Idol Hakkenden (EN)Translation
Jajamaru Ninpou Chou (EN)TranslationMisc Spot Translations
Jojo no Kimyou na Bouken (EN)Translation
Kishin Douji Zenki (EN)TranslationMain translation
Laplace no Ma (EN)TranslationTranslation checking
Mercenary Force (EN)TranslationMisc Spot Translations
Out Live (EN)Translation
Ripple Island (EN)TranslationLead translator
Royal Stone (EN)TranslationText translation
Saiyuuki World (EN)Translation
Sanma no Meitantei (EN)TranslationMain translation
SD The Great Battle: Aratanaru Chousen (EN)Original TranslationTranslation
Shiryou Sensen: War of the Dead (EN)TranslationMain translation/manual
Star Cruiser (EN)TranslationTranslation of the manual
Star Cruiser II: The Odysseus Project (EN)TranslationTranslation support/Manual translation
Super Robot Taisen A Portable (EN)TranslationBattle quotes, items, names, titles, spirits, weapons, bonuses, skills & abilities
Super Robot Taisen Gaiden: Masoukishin - The Lord of Elemental (EN)Translation
The Great Battle II: Last Fighter Twin (ES)Original TranslationEnglish Translation
The Great Battle II: Last Fighter Twin (EN)Translation
The Great Battle III (ES)Original TranslationEnglish Translation
The Great Battle III (EN)Translation
The Great Battle IV (ES)Original TranslationEnglish Translation
The Great Battle IV (EN)Translation
The Great Battle V (EN)Translation
The Great Battle V (ES)Original TranslationEnglish Translation
The Super Dimension Fortress Macross: Skull Leader Complete Pack (EN)TranslationLead translator
TwinBee: Rainbow Bell Adventure (EN)TranslationText translation.
Vixen 357 (EN)TranslationLead translator
Wrecking Crew '98 (EN)TranslationMain Story and Tutorial text translations.