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54 Hacks
Final Fight One - Redux EditionGBAImprovement19 Oct 2020
Minor Improvements For Final Fight 2SNESImprovement14 Oct 2020
Little Samson RestorationNESImprovement07 Oct 2020
Final Fire Pro Wrestling RestorationGBAImprovement27 Sep 2020
Fire Pro Wrestling RestorationGBAImprovement27 Sep 2020
Fire Pro Wrestling 2 RestorationGBAImprovement24 Sep 2020
Cookie's Original SpritesNESImprovement21 Sep 2020
Gargoyle's Quest - Text RestorationGBImprovement17 Sep 2020
Ninja Gaiden II RestorationNESImprovement27 Aug 2020
Lightening Force to Thunder Force IVGENImprovement20 Aug 2020