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    Taking out the title screen screenshot (which actually shows a fight between Goku and Piccolo). When Zynk edited this entry he simply checked the use original game title screen box and the noncompliant "title" is showing in the newest reviews box.
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    Changed category from Complete to Improvement. Complete hacks are mostly level hacks.
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    Corrected some typos, added additional information regarding second quest in version 1.23.
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Chrono Trigger (EN)Script Editing/Revision

5 Hacks
Addams Family Values - The GauntletHackingResearch, Custom Coding
Addams Family Values Boss RushHackingResearch, Custom Coding, Testing
Addams Family Values Afterlife EditionHackingResearch
Mega Man's Soccer RestorationHackingRestored endings
6-Letter Name PatchHacking