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Knows French and English well. A member of Terminus Traduction (In the group since March 2001).



10 Translations
Famista '91 (EN)NESFully Playable17 Jul 2020
Major League (EN)NESFully Playable30 Apr 2020
Famista '90 (EN)NESFully Playable05 Apr 2020
Famista '89: Kaimaku Han!! (EN)NESFully Playable05 Mar 2020
Ganbare Pennant Race! (EN)NESFully Playable22 Feb 2020
Ihatovo Monogatari (EN)SNESFully Playable28 Dec 2018
Takahashi Meijin no Bug-tte Honey (EN)NESFully Playable29 Dec 2017
Perman Part 2: Himitsu Kessha Madoodan wo Taose! (EN)NESAddendum13 Nov 2017
Meikyuu Jiin Dababa (EN)FDSFully Playable07 Mar 2017
Rival Turf! (EN)SNESFully Playable02 Oct 2016

4 Hacks
Flying Dragon Gaiden HackGBImprovement30 Apr 2020
Mystical Ninja Goemon HackSNESImprovement25 Feb 2020
Megaman 3 Japanese Style Title ScreenNESAddendum31 Dec 2017
Megaman 5 Japanese Style Title ScreenNESImprovement31 Dec 2017