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I’m a graduate researcher of Korean studies and hobby game historian who set out to spread knowledge about the history of video games in South Korea, which resulted in a massive article on the topic at Hardcore Gaming 101 -

Besides the translations found on this page I’ve worked as a freelance translator on several Korean MMORPGs, and I’ve also got an education in literary translation.

For comments, criticism and suggestions, please contact me via e-mail. However, please don’t send me requests for any kind of software to this address. I know most of the games I translate are hard to come by, but this is not the right address for that kind of inquiry.

Just in case you find that I should receive a little something for my efforts, feel free to use the donate at my site. Please note that donations can never be payments or “incentives” for any particular project, only a token of general appreciation for the work that I do. (I am available for hire on a pay-per-word basis for any Korean-to-English or Korean-to-German translation with a moderate workload, though.)

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Mangguk Jeon'gi (EN)PCRomance of the Forgotten Kingdom


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