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I mostly work on modding RPGs. My skill set is rather limited to hex editing, tile editing, and using game-specific utilities. I aspire to update the text and fonts of my personal favorites, with a focus on removing instances of all caps in games from the 80’s and 90’s. Any bug fixes and/or enhancements added in larger projects are thanks to appreciated assistance from other authors. My knowledge of Japanese is very limited; I’m not a translator, but a localizer.

Also known as: Moeman_, rotschleim, SandyLandale, Tired_Teddybear.



1 Translation
Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon: Another Story (EN)SNESAddendum01 Sep 2021

27 Hacks
Project II: Final Fantasy IVSNESImprovement03 Dec 2021
Final Fantasy VI Advance Font FaceliftGBAImprovement05 Oct 2021
Tales of Eternia Original OpeningPSPImprovement04 Oct 2021
Final Fantasy V Advance Font FaceliftGBAImprovement04 Oct 2021
ReConstruct: Phantasy Star IVGENImprovement20 Aug 2021
Phantasy Star II ImprovementGENImprovement23 Apr 2021
Final Fantasy V: Super Custom ClassesSNESImprovement03 Mar 2021
Phantasy Star II - Reduced Flicker and FlashGENImprovement14 Nov 2020
Final Fantasy VI - Total Graphics UncensorshipSNESImprovement17 Sep 2020
FFVI Advance - Worthwhile EspersGBAImprovement09 Sep 2020


7 Translations
Phantasy Star: Deluxe Edition (EN)Script Editing/RevisionTesting; graphics editing; translation finalization
Phantasy Star (PT)GraphicsAlis' brown hair
Phantasy Star II (PT)HackingTruncating the messages after battles
Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon: Another Story (EN)Script Editing/Revision
Final Fantasy V (EN)Script Editing/RevisionDialogue revision, ROM editing for Legend of the Crystals
Final Fantasy II (EN)Script Editing/RevisionFormating and item name suggestion
Phantasy Star Generation:1 (EN)Script Editing/Revision

27 Hacks
Final Fantasy IV - UltimaHackingProject II
Phantasy Star Generation: 4 - A RelocalizationScript Editing/RevisionPS series references; project advice & support; original Proper-caser mod
Final Fantasy VI Advance Font FaceliftHacking
ReConstruct: Phantasy Star IVHackingPrimary author/script editor
Final Fantasy IV Namingway EditionOriginal HackingOriginal Project II
Phantasy Star II ImprovementOriginal HackingPrimary hacker
Phantasy Star II - Reduced Flicker and FlashHackingTruncated reward message patch
Final Fantasy VI - SG-IIIDesignProject III Creator, Consultation, Testing, FF6 Tools Help
FFVI Advance - Worthwhile EspersHacking
Breath of Fire ImprovedOriginal HackingUsed his text cleanup patch