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Work First, Play Later :D

All about making progress when the work is available.

I am no professional ROM hacker but I do the best I can with help from great people and the resources available to me which I can understand. Learning little things here and there with every project I do. :)



19: Neunzehn (EN)FDSNo Alternate Title
Battle Storm (EN)NESNo Alternate Title
Clockwerx (EN)SNESClockWorks
Daiva Story 6: Imperial of Nirsartia (EN)NESNo Alternate Title
Don Doko Don 2 (EN)NESNo Alternate Title
Elnark no Zaihou (EN)NESTreasures of Elnark
Family Jockey (EN)NESNo Alternate Title
Fleet Commander (EN)NESNo Alternate Title
Golf Club: Birdie Rush (EN)NESNo Alternate Title
Hydlide 3: Yami Kara no Houmonsha (EN)NESHydlide 3: The Space Memories
King of Kings (EN)NESNo Alternate Title
Last Armageddon (EN)NESNo Alternate Title
Majin Tensei (EN)SNESResurrection of the Demon God
Megami Tensei Gaiden: Last Bible Special (EN)GGNo Alternate Title
Pachinko Daisakusen (EN)NESBig Strategy Pachinko
Pachinko Daisakusen 2 (EN)NESBig Strategy Pachinko 2
Paris-Dakar Rally Special! (EN)NESNo Alternate Title
Shadow Brain (EN)NESNo Alternate Title
Stinger (EN)NESMoero TwinBee: Cinnamon Hakase o Sukue!;Burning TwinBee: The Rescue of Dr. Cinnamon
Taito Grand Prix: Eikou e no License (EN)NESTaito Grand Prix
Wizardry Chronicle (EN)PCNo Alternate Title
Wizardry Empire (EN)GBNo Alternate Title
Wizardry Empire II: Oujo no Isan (EN)PCWizardry Empire II: Legacy of the Princess
Wizardry Empire: Fukkatsu no Tsue (EN)GBWizardry Empire: Staff of Resurrection
Wizardry Gaiden IV: Throb of the Demon's Heart (EN)SNESWizardry Gaiden IV: Taima no Kodou
Ys V Expert (EN)SNESNo Alternate Title
Zoids Densetsu (EN)GBZoids Legends
Zoids: Mokushiroku (EN)NESZoids: Apocalypse

Deep Dungeon 3 Graphics ModNESDeep Dungeon III: Yuushi heno Tabi
Dragon Warrior - Special Edition 1.3aNESDragon Warrior


19: Neunzehn (EN)Hacking
Battle Storm (EN)HackingHacking
Clockwerx (EN)HackingMenu reworking.
Daiva Story 6: Imperial of Nirsartia (EN)HackingROM Hacking
Don Doko Don 2 (EN)Hacking
Elnark no Zaihou (EN)Production
Family Jockey (EN)HackingHacking & Banner Graphics
Family Tennis (EN)HackingHacking & touch ups
Fleet Commander (EN)HackingROM Hacking
Golf Club: Birdie Rush (EN)HackingText Insertion & Editing
Hydlide 3: Yami Kara no Houmonsha (EN)Original HackingHacking, graphics, & some translation.
Kawa no Nushi Tsuri (EN)HackingDialogue insertion, icon design, font replacement, & hacking
King of Kings (EN)HackingHacking & Title Screen
Last Armageddon (EN)Hacking
Majin Tensei (EN)Original HackingBasic Text Hacking
Megami Tensei Gaiden: Last Bible Special (EN)Hacking
Necromancer (EN)HackingGraphics
Pachinko Daisakusen (EN)Hacking
Pachinko Daisakusen 2 (EN)Hacking
Paris-Dakar Rally Special! (EN)HackingHacking
Shadow Brain (EN)Hacking
Stinger (EN)Hacking
Taito Grand Prix: Eikou e no License (EN)HackingGame hacking
The Screamer (EN)Hacking
Wizardry Chronicle (EN)Hacking
Wizardry Empire (EN)Hacking
Wizardry Empire II: Oujo no Isan (EN)Hacking
Wizardry Empire: Fukkatsu no Tsue (EN)HackingProject Lead
Wizardry Gaiden II: Curse of the Ancient Emperor (EN)HackingHacking & Script Revisions
Wizardry Gaiden III: Yama no Seiten (EN)HackingHacking
Wizardry Gaiden IV: Throb of the Demon's Heart (EN)Production
Wizardry Gaiden: Suffering of the Queen (EN)HackingHacking & Script Revision
Wizardry II - Llylgamyn no Isan (EN)Hacking
Wizardry: Bane of the Cosmic Forge (EN)HackingFixed Quick Party Selection names.
Ys V Expert (EN)Original HackingBasic text hacking & some translation.
Zoids Densetsu (EN)Hacking
Zoids: Mokushiroku (EN)ProductionHacking

Arkanoid - Amiga Alternate LevelsGraphicsTitle Screen Work & Title Screen Credits
Arkanoid - Gigas ConversionHackingInsertion of font from original arcade title & Title Screen wording.
Arkanoid - Quester ConversionGraphicsTitle Screen Graphics
Arkanoid - Riddle of Pythagoras ConversionGraphicsTitle Screen Graphics
Arkanoid - Wall Crash ConversionGraphicsTitle Screen Graphics
Deep Dungeon 3 Graphics ModGraphicsHacking & Graphics for Wall Textures
Dragon Warrior - Special Edition 1.3aHackingTouch Ups