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Has a nickname of ’sleepy9090′ at a couple profiles, eg. NesDev forums.



32 Utilities
VS. Excitebike Text EditorNESGame Specific07 Apr 2018
Faxanadu Shop EditorNESGame Specific04 Apr 2018
Dragon Warrior Monster Stat EditorNESData Extraction / Insertion17 Mar 2018
Dragon Warrior Monster Zone EditorNESData Extraction / Insertion18 Feb 2018
Dragon Warrior Treasure Chest EditorNESData Extraction / Insertion09 Feb 2018
Dragon Warrior Equipment and Magic Data EditorNESData Extraction / Insertion08 Feb 2018
Dragon Warrior Shop EditorNESData Extraction / Insertion08 Feb 2018
Dragon Warrior Text EditorNESGame Specific29 Jan 2018
PSXCueGeneratorPSXMiscellaneous13 Jan 2018
Dragon Warrior Town and Dungeon EditorNESGame Specific07 Jan 2018