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Monkeys Traduções



A Portuguese (Brazilian) romhacking and translation group.



Advance Wars (PT)GBANo Alternate Title
Arkanoid: Revenge of Doh (PT)X68KNo Alternate Title
Cutthroat Island (PT)SNESNo Alternate Title
Henry Hatsworth in The Puzzling Adventure (PT)NDSNo Alternate Title
Knights of the Round (PT)SNESNo Alternate Title
Light Crusader (PT)GENNo Alternate Title
Space Invaders (PT)SG1KNo Alternate Title
Street Fighter: Anniversary Collection (PT)XBOXNo Alternate Title
The Punisher (PT)GENNo Alternate Title
The Terminator (PT)GENNo Alternate Title
Toki (PT)NESNo Alternate Title
Werewolf: The Last Warrior (PT)NESChou Jinrou Senki Warwolf;Warwolf Chronicles
Yu Yu Hakusho: Tournament Tactics (PT)GBANo Alternate Title