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Final Fantasy 4 R&D Master. His avatar shows the ‘Deathmask‘ (AKA ‘EvilMask‘ or ‘Phase‘), a formidable enemy in Final Fantasy IV (SNES/PSX/GBA/DS/PSP/PC, etc.).

He has also made his own FF4 “Hardtype” Hack.



11 Hacks
FF4 Sing Improvement HackSNESImprovement16 Feb 2009
FF4 Goblin Summon Improvement HackSNESImprovement16 Feb 2009
FF2US Magic Restoration HackSNESImprovement17 Jan 2009
Bit ImprovementSNESImprovement21 Dec 2008
Bit Improvement for FF4AGBAImprovement21 Dec 2008
Protect and Shell ImprovementSNESImprovement18 Dec 2008
Defender FixGBABug Fix14 Dec 2008
FF2US Weapon RestorationSNESImprovement13 Dec 2008
FF4 Magic PlusSNESImprovement13 Dec 2008
FF4 - Yang's HP FixSNESBug Fix21 Nov 2008