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Adventure Island III Tom & Jerry: The Ultimate Game of Cat and Mouse! Perman Part 2: Himitsu Kessha Madoodan wo Taose! The Jungle Book

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Dragon Warrior Treasure Chest Editor Dragon Warrior Equipment and Magic Data Editor Advanced Patch Conflict Finder SNESTilesKitten

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Metroid II DX Final Fantasy V Editor Mega Man 3 Improvement Zelda 2 Restart from palace at game over

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Jet Pilot Rising Falling Power Glove Analog Mode Test Climber 5

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F-Zero DXP Super Mario Bros. and the 32 Lost Levels Rockman 5: Joho Boshu 1 Mario's 2 Ways to Victory

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Daisenryaku Tales of Phantasia Monopoly Duke Nukem 3D

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  • Hacks
    Author is Dr.RC only. Title and Description changed.
  • Credits
    Fixed credits.
  • Hacks
    Major Update to Version 2.00 - -Major update. Numerous script fixes and updates. Fixed event where an Actor walked through a WALL! Updated Opera patches now have the full Opera updated. Ensured that the Sketch bug fix was applied to all patches. Removed older version of Gerard and Sabin and replaced with current one. Added several bug fixes.
  • Hacks
    v 3.0 changes -changed all the enemies and bosses projectiles damage -made the game easier by editing some unfair level parts and enemies
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