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(1 to 20) of 204 Results
TitleReleased ByGenrePlatformStatusVerDateLang Descending
ZilliondevilfoxActionSMSFully Playable1.014 Aug 2008PT
Monkey Island 2: LeChuck's RevengeScummBRAdventurePCFully Playable1.012 Dec 2009PT
Chrono TriggerLynxRole PlayingSNESFully Playable1.522 Feb 2004PT
Arkanoid: Revenge of DohMonkeys TraduçõesActionX68KFully Playable1.020 Aug 2009PT
Space InvadersMonkeys TraduçõesAction > ShooterSG1KFully Playable66601 Jan 2010PT
Advance WarsMonkeys TraduçõesStrategy > Turn BasedGBAFully PlayableRevisão 209 Jan 2010PT
TokiMonkeys TraduçõesActionNESFully Playable2.018 May 2010PT
Knights of the RoundMonkeys TraduçõesAction > Beat 'Em UpSNESFully Playable1.102 Feb 2010PT
Werewolf: The Last WarriorMonkeys TraduçõesAction > PlatformerNESFully Playable2.029 Apr 2010PT
Street Fighter: Anniversary CollectionMonkeys TraduçõesAction > FightingXBOXFully Playable1.006 Apr 2010PT
The PunisherMonkeys TraduçõesAction > Beat 'Em UpGENFully Playable2.019 Aug 2010PT
Cutthroat IslandMonkeys TraduçõesActionSNESFully Playable1.028 Apr 2010PT
The TerminatorMonkeys TraduçõesAction > PlatformerGENFully Playable1.005 Jul 2010PT
Light CrusaderMonkeys TraduçõesRole Playing > Action RPGGENFully Playable1.005 May 2010PT
Aleste (MSX2)Luiz H. LugatoAction > ShooterMSXFully Playable1.007 Apr 2007PT
Shalom: Knightmare IIIRicardo BittencourtRole PlayingMSXFully Playable1.2 beta27 May 2004PT
AsterixGutoAction > PlatformerGBFully Playable1.030 Aug 2009PT
OutRunTi-B0neRacingGGFully Playable1.016 Aug 1999PT
SnatcherFudeba SoftwareAdventureMSXFully Playable0.9922 Dec 2003PT
Metal Gear 2: Solid SnakeAndre PossebonAction AdventureMSXFully Playable1.027 Jan 2009PT
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