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Title AscendingReleased ByGenrePlatformStatusVerDateLang
Aero BlastersWaveAction > ShooterTG16Fully Playable1.004 Sep 2017ES
After Burner IIWaveAction > ShooterTG16Fully Playable1.011 Jan 2019ES
Alien CrushWaveActionTG16Fully Playable1.020 Sep 2019ES
Atomic Robo-Kid SpecialWaveAction > ShooterTG16Fully Playable1.016 Apr 2019ES
BallistixWaveActionTG16Fully Playable1.016 Sep 2019ES
Battle RoyaleWaveSportsTG16Fully Playable1.020 Sep 2019ES
Bikkuriman WorldjackicAction > PlatformerTG16Fully Playable1.111 Aug 2018ES
Blazing LazersWaveAction > ShooterTG16Fully Playable1.016 Sep 2019ES
Bloody WolfWaveAction > ShooterTG16Fully Playable1.024 Sep 2017ES
BombermanWavePuzzleTG16Fully Playable1.011 Jul 2019ES
Cyber CoreWaveAction > ShooterTG16Fully Playable1.025 Apr 2019ES
DaisenpuuWaveAction > ShooterTG16Fully Playable1.025 Apr 2019ES
Darius AlphaWaveAction > ShooterTG16Fully Playable1.015 Jun 2018ES
Dead MoonWaveAction > ShooterTG16Fully Playable1.015 May 2019ES
Die HardWaveActionTG16Fully Playable1.127 Jul 2017ES
Dragon Saber: After Story of Dragon SpiritWaveAction > ShooterTG16Fully Playable1.030 Apr 2019ES
Dragon SpiritWaveAction > ShooterTG16Fully Playable1.030 Apr 2019ES
Final SoldierWaveAction > ShooterTG16Fully Playable1.003 May 2019ES
Heavy UnitWaveAction > ShooterTG16Fully Playable1.007 May 2019ES
Jackie Chan's Action Kung FuWaveAction > PlatformerTG16Fully Playable1.021 Sep 2018ES
JuuoukiWaveAction > Beat 'Em UpTG16Fully Playable1.027 Aug 2017ES
Ninja SpiritWaveAction > PlatformerTG16Fully Playable1.020 Sep 2019ES
OrdyneWaveAction > ShooterTG16Fully Playable1.016 Sep 2019ES
OutRunWaveRacingTG16Fully Playable1.021 Sep 2018ES
Pac-LandWaveAction > PlatformerTG16Fully Playable1.016 Sep 2019ES
Power DriftWaveRacingTG16Fully Playable1.016 Sep 2019ES
R-TypeWaveAction > ShooterTG16Fully Playable1.025 Apr 2019ES
R-Type IWaveAction > ShooterTG16Fully Playable1.025 Apr 2019ES
R-Type IIWaveAction > ShooterTG16Fully Playable1.025 Apr 2019ES
Rastan Saga IIWaveAction > Beat 'Em UpTG16Fully Playable1.013 Sep 2018ES
SalamanderWaveAction > ShooterTG16Fully Playable1.024 Jul 2017ES
Shiryou Sensen: War of the DeadjackicRole Playing > Action RPGTG16Fully Playable1.019 Aug 2018ES
SinistronWaveAction > ShooterTG16Fully Playable1.025 Apr 2019ES
SinistronWaveAction > ShooterTG16Fully Playable1.030 Apr 2019ES
Soldier BladeWaveAction > ShooterTG16Fully Playable1.003 May 2019ES
Somer AssaultWaveAction > ShooterTG16Fully Playable1.016 Sep 2019ES
Super Star SoldierWaveAction > ShooterTG16Fully Playable1.030 Aug 2019ES
TatsujinWaveAction > ShooterTG16Fully Playable1.015 May 2019ES
The Legendary AxeWaveAction > PlatformerTG16Fully Playable1.016 Nov 2018ES
The Legendary Axe IIWaveAction > PlatformerTG16Fully Playable1.016 Nov 2018ES
The New Zealand StoryWaveAction > PlatformerTG16Fully Playable1.023 Mar 2019ES
TurricanWaveAction > PlatformerTG16Fully Playable1.008 Jan 2019ES
Valkyrie no DensetsuWaveActionTG16Fully Playable1.027 Jul 2018ES
Victory RunWaveRacingTG16Fully Playable1.020 Sep 2019ES
VigilanteWaveAction > Beat 'Em UpTG16Fully Playable1.005 Jun 2017ES