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Radical Dreamers: Nusumenai Houseki

16 April 2003 - Reflection by demi


I released the Radical Dreamers translation about six hours ago, and it’s been a hectic day so far. I just laid down for the first time today, and I find myself able to relax in a way I don’t think I was able to before, now that all this is over with.

It’s strange, I caught myself still wanting to edit the script and check the beta board out of compulsion a couple times today. We’d been translating heavily for eight long months now, and frankly, I don’t know what I’m going to do with my free time. I’ve got a couple things planned, but who knows what I’ll actually settle into. One thing’s certain - I’m going to get into something. I don’t function well when I’m not into some sort of project deeply; I feel like a lost soul.

However, this will probably be my final hobbyist translation. I’m 24 now and I’ve really got to start spending more time on things that are more directly related to making money. Sorry, but that’s the bottom line. All around me, I see my friends getting rich, and although I’ve probably made more people smile than they have, I barely make enough money to eat.

I’ve developed quite a few talents in these hobbyist scenes over the years, but there’s so many things I feel I could do, sometimes I get lost in all the possibilities. I’d love to program for a living, since I really like how it sets my mind in motion, but the whole IT industry’s not doing so hot right now and I haven’t had much luck trying to get a job there – there’s just too many guys and too few jobs.

So, I’m thinking about writing. People seem to think I did a good job with writing RD (unless you’re all just kissing my ass or something), and I’ve got about a few ideas for stories that I think are worth telling. Who knows, hopefully I’ll find myself wanting to write more and more, now that I don’t have Radical Dreamers’ 750 page script taking up my free-time. And, maybe someday you’ll find a novel by Demiforce at your local bookstore. But regardless, thanks for the kind words, everybody. All your praise has helped me to try and take that next step.