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Magical Chase GB

24 November 2001 - Reflection by Dave


well it’s almost been a year since i started magical chase gb. I found out about Magical chase through the PCE version, which is FAR superior (duh!), also alot harder!.

I manage to make a table for the PCE one, found out the text blocks etc.. however when it came to redrawing the kana’s into alphabet..that’s where things got funked up. i could tell where it was..but it wasn’t pretty..words were overlapping each other, and it wasn’t in a straight line..if ya know what I mean. using Directed, i toggled the graphics letter by letter..or shall i say kana by kana to redraw each one. i went to try the game to see how it looked..some looked normal..some looked like it had a chunk bitten out of them..some had different bits of colors in them..etc.. so i got depressed and stopped work on it.

Then i went on to do Soul Getter (which I happily gave to mr Gideon he he he he), got lazy myself..found out the company made Magical chase for the GBC!.

The table i made for the PCE actually worked with the GBC one..same hex values..however i had to edit some values a bit..

after doing the easy part of translating “ie, menus, etc”, i went to my translator look4sheep.
things went REALLY slow, look4sheep was busy with school, and I just focusing on doing random projects and girls. Then I realized that Gaijin Productions hasn’t released a patch in a long i decided to just finish up Magical Chase.. this proved harder than I thought. Mostly in the area of translation.
Me and Look4sheep began translating the script, usually we split it between 60-40 or 70-30 with him taking the bigger part. we then began disagreeing about how certain words should be translated, after much confusion and fussing, we finally agreed on how to translate certain words and also we got past the difficult text by posting the most difficult ones (or the ones we were just to lazy to think and edit) on Jair’s page.

After we finished most of the text translations (the ones used in the shop), there was still the issue about the text in the menu screen and the ending. we couldn’t locate it!. I figured it used the same hex values since it used the same fonts as the store text. after lots and lots of searching through various ways..i couldn’t find it. i had a couple of other people take a look at it..they could not find it either. i manage to figure it out..(it was actually rather simple) just used a different table!. Gideon also helped locate some graphics that i could not find to be translated. In the end..i think this was one of my better accomplishments. ok the end bye bye.