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Wai Wai World 2: SOS!! Paseri Jou

20 May 2001 - Reflection by Kitsune Sniper


Around the week of August 24, 2000, I found this game by accident (as usual) in one of my then constant rom binges. Hey, I was in a cyber café, I just had to get as much stuff as I could ^^; Anyway, I played the game for a bit, and liked it. I was fed up with DBZ-kiddies emailing me asking me to translate Hyper Dimension, so I thought of messing with it. So I inserted a font, found out that the game’s text wasn’t encoded evilly, and hacked the game intro. Well, I just added a “PLEASE TRANSLATE ME!” message, and kinda hacked the names of the characters.

Heh. The names of the characters. I kinda cheated on that part; I couldn’t change the tiles in the selection screen, so I just romanized the katakana for the names in that part. That’s why the names are kinda weird-looking. Not to mention that the letters at the bottom of the game screen, the ones that say “Away”, could not be rearranged. I just searched for the tiles and changed them to “A W A Y”. Hehe ^^; And yes, that’s the Pokemon Trading Card Game 3×7 font. :P

So. I posted on MO’s still-living board about the game’s script, and Akujin volunteered to do the translation. I sent him the script dump from the Sound and Song select screen, in the options menu. He returned them around October 2000 (so it says in the file date ^^;) I had to insert everything by hand, because I had a space limit. I couldn’t expand the names.

And as with Boku Dracula Kun, the rest of the script was spread around the game at random, so I had to use screenshots to ahem… dump the script. -_-’ Took me quite a bit, I must add. Anyway, after that, I posted the pics in my site and gave Akujin the link. He didn’t take long to translate them, like a week I think. Some of the stuff had to be either edited or reworked due to lack of space. For instance, the world 3 title was originally: “Are you full of rice bowls too?”. I had to change it to “The Flying Rice Bowl”. I really wish Konami wasn’t so evil. But then again, that’s what makes them cool :D

I had a particularly hard time in the Puzzle World stage. The script was stored in a different order than it was shown in the game itself, and the space factor was present too. It took me 3 hours to get that part right. Thank God for savestates ^^;

On to the final stage and credits it was for me, right after the Puzzle World and the in-between dialogue was done. But these were EXTREMELY evil. Why? Well, there was a bug in the original game code that displays a certain part of Princess Herb’s final speech twice; I could not find a pointer for it, so it had to be rewritten/reordered so it would make sense. Also, it turns out that Konami didn’t like me using some of the normal font tiles in the credit screen, so I had to either replace them or add new ones, just for the ending. So poof, I added a bunch of letters. And squished tiles too.

The staff credits were funny though. They had a lot of fun with their own names, like Satoko “Muchimuchi pudding” Minami or Yuuichi “Milk shop” Sakagon (both from the sound and music team).

And after adding all the text, I released version .90 of the patch. All that was missing was the title screen and some random graphics. And it stayed like that for… 7 months! o.o

February 2001 came. During a chat in #romhaven, prez asked me if I had started hacking the title screen. I said I didn’t, and he offered to make one for me. He did an outline for it, sent it to me, and said he’d work on it. I waited. For a long time. After a while, I started bugging him with questions on when would the hack be sent my way - he said that he had no time to do such a hack. I thanked him, and it went to limbo again.

April. My site’s birthday was coming up, so I decided to work out something so I could finish the damned game on time. I messed with some remaining japanese words in the game itself, namely… the title screen, the little scroll in the game map, the kanji in the car races, and the “Puzzle World” logo. The “Puzzle World” was hard to do, because I couldn’t modify the order of the tiles at all. Got that done on April 12.

But then came the title screen…

It took me a long time to figure it out. See, I could rearrange the tiles mostly how I wanted ‘em to show; but there were some control codes (which have also appeared in other Konami games). It was like this: (value)(tile)(value) - if I even changed either of the two values, the entire screen was phased out. I could only work with a 172*40 sized area of the screen. So I took prez’ original design, took out the extra stuff, kept the logo itself intact, and reinserted it tile by tile using Tile Layer Pro.

And that is that. Some suggestions for kids hacking Konami games:
1 - Konami is Evil.
2 - Konami programmers smoke the best drugs around, apparently.
3 - Make sure you can hack everything in the game.
4 - Konami is Evil (hey, it deserves a double mention!).