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Venus Senki

28 May 2001 - Reflection by necrosaro


hmmm, this game is now one of my favorite action games for the NES. The unit placement thing is slow but if you fast forward through that to the battles it’s a terrific game.

Anyway, this game was one of the early J2E games that we worked on when romhacking was still relatively new to most of us, I think our first patch was released back in 1998. When I decided to play the game through around the end of 1999, I found a few untranslated screens and names, so I fixed that and added a cool-looking English title screen and released version 2. I seem to remember Akilla making a tentative attempt at hacking this game around the same time we released our first patch, for what it’s worth. I guess he stopped and focused on his NES emu once he found out we were handling it. The game was very easy to hack and I don’t think we even used an inserter to put the script in, it was all manual, no ASM hacks were used.

It’s an incredibly fun game and while it’s not as polished-looking as some games like Mario, it’s just a shade away from being a classic NES action game. I remember playing it at night straight through to the morning the one time I beat it. I might be the only person to actually endure the many, many stages of this game. But it’s worth it, it gets really hard near the end.