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9 December 1999 - Reflection by Spinner 8


I first saw this game at The Sardius Experience, a place where new NES roms get released nowadays. The rom had been out for a while, but Skrybe fixed the mirroring, which would cause it to do wacky things in Stage 2. Sure, the only thing that had changed was one bit in the header, but that’s how fate works sometimes eh :) In talking about the game, Sardius mentioned how good the game was, and also expressed quite a bit of disappointment that the entire game was in English, except for the ending. Well, after playing through the game myself, I decided a small translation wouldn’t be a very big deal, since the game was so awesome, and also as a sort of tribute to Sardius, who is just too elite for words.

The first time I played the game was in BioNES of all things, even though the game runs on almost every single NES emulator out there. I had to sit through the ending multiple times, and a speed increase key would’ve really come in handy at that point. Translating the game was basically pretty easy, since there were only, like, 5 sentences that needed translating. :P I sent some screenshots to Xeur and I had a translated script a few minutes later. There were three little “dialogue balloons” in the ending, which were nothing but sprites in the rom. That meant I could basically fit anything I wanted in there, as long as I squished the letters enough to get it all in there. :) The two “epilogue” screens were a little more difficult, since there wasn’t a complete font; only the letters which were needed were stored in the game, which was kind of restricting for me, but I ended up with a pretty damn faithful translation. I had trouble locating it in the rom though, so I had to play through the entire game again in NESticle just to be able to make up a tbl for it! But it’s ok, since I can change the frameskip. :)

I released the patch on Sardius’s board with very very little fanfare, since I wanted to see how fast word would travel about the patch. Everyone on the board seemed to appreciate it a lot, especially Sardius. :) However I guess it didn’t go anywhere outside the board, and about four or five days later, due to Xeur’s constant insistence, I announced it again at the Neo Demiforce board. This started a new wave of appreciation, especially Neil_, who couldn’t get over the vampire in stage 1. :) It also caused quite a funny debate on the RPGd board, due to some idiot trying to be a rebel and posting a link to the rom, which happened to be the bad one. All in all I’ve gotten a pretty good response from the translation.. While I haven’t gotten any emails about it and stuff (which is FINE by me), at least people play it, as opposed to Sexy Derby.