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15 May 2001 - Reflection by InVerse


Hey, this game had actual text and stuff! I think I did all of the translation myself thanks to my friend Random House Japanese-English English-Japanese Dictionary. What always confused me about this project was that Mario owns a copyright on the ROM but he doesn’t even appear anywhere in the game. I’m thinking that maybe Mario has created his own game design company so he can make money without actually having to go out and risk his butt saving the princess so often. But anywayz..

This game has lots of squishy text. I like squishy text. I did the title screen and a majority of the translation right before I moved to Denver and lost access to a Windows disabled computer. At the time, I posted a beta patch and a request for beta testers. I even provided a link to the ROM to make things convenient. A year later, nobody had bothered to beta test it. I then got my elite 486DX-50 laptop (best computer I’ve ever owned, actually) and finished up the translation myself and then did all the beta testing myself so this is the only project I’ve done that was 100% all me, so I’d like to thank myself for all the time and effort put into this project.