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Seiken Psycho Caliber: Maju no Mori Densetsu

23 November 2001 - Reflection by toma


the reason i translated this game was because for some odd reason i really wanted to translate a famicom disk system game. it just seemed like a system that hardly anyone translates games for so i went for it! i think the reason i picked this particular game is because a long time ago i downloaded the rom for it, only it was on a 1337 1337 Squ/\reSoft rohmzz site and they said it was seiken densetsu 1. now being the genius i am, i *knew* that sd1 was just final fantasy adventure for gameboy, but that didn’t stop me from being curious. was is a magical port of the game? no! it was a stinkin zelda clone! (oh wait, i thought ffa was a zelda clone… uhh…) no but anyway, after that i thought the game seemed pretty decent, so i spent a few hours of my time and hacked it into english. it really didn’t even take all that long to finish, i was kind of surprised! especially when the game had this weird weird weird pointer system that involved pointers that were like 141684141284 characters long in completely random order. but yes! it works! and no, i’ve never played the game through, but i should probably fix some stuff, when it talks about getting the fairy or whatever, you really have to get two fairies… oh no, woops i made a mistake… BLABALBALBALABLABALABA

oh yeah, i think it was a nice touch to use the hilt of the sword as the i in Seiken, i just made the dot a sparkle… OOOOO PRETTY