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    Version 04 fixes some critical bugs, irons out a few kinks in level generation, and lets you choose how mazelike you want your Zebes to be.
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    Just a bit more detail than the original single sentence description.
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    Added Tuffy da Bubba for Sound Novel translation contribution.
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    I fixed up the ROM / ISO Information section a bit.
Submissions for User
CommunityEditSadNES cITy Translations2017-08-03 11:10:25Changed City to cITy. I know it's a very minor issue, but if you only read the letters in caps lock, you'll read "SNES IT". That happens because the group originally worked only on SNES games. Thanks
TranslationsNewThe 3rd Birthday2017-07-30 13:54:05
UtilitiesEditXenogears Translation Tools2016-10-01 13:50:19Sources added to the package.
TranslationsEditFinal Fantasy Tactics2015-07-17 12:05:13Updated to 1.4b
TranslationsEditFinal Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions2015-07-17 12:04:57Updated to 1.4b
CommunityEditSadNES City Translations2015-06-06 18:17:47Typo has been fixed.
TranslationsEditFinal Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions2014-09-21 04:24:37Changed "rom iso information"
TranslationsEditFinal Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions2014-09-17 04:12:29Fixed "target" field
TranslationsEditSuikoden2014-09-04 04:25:49Updated to 1.1 and put the UK patch on RH.NET
TranslationsEditVagrant Story2014-09-04 04:22:58Updated to version 1.1
TranslationsNewFinal Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions2014-09-03 05:48:43
TranslationsEditFinal Fantasy Tactics2014-09-03 05:39:07Updated to version 1.4
CommunityEditSadNES City Translations2013-08-18 07:05:26Horrible google translation hopefully fixed
TranslationsEditVagrant Story2013-08-18 06:37:21Patch updated to 1.0d (and added some extra info)
TranslationsEditSuikoden2013-04-11 07:16:38Added another pic
TranslationsEditSuikoden2013-04-11 04:59:40I've added the translated titlescreen screenshot!
TranslationsEditSuikoden2013-04-10 17:14:43Updated from 0.99 to 1.0
GamesEditSuikoden2013-03-06 04:40:20This should be a valid titlescreen
TranslationsNewSuikoden2013-03-04 19:45:13
TranslationsEditChrono Cross2013-01-26 03:42:08patch has been updated to 1.1b
TranslationsEditFinal Fantasy Tactics2011-06-02 10:49:45
TranslationsNewGrandia II2011-06-01 17:08:07
UtilitiesEditXenogears Translation Tools2011-06-01 16:51:20
UtilitiesEditXenogears Translation Tools2011-05-21 17:06:05
UtilitiesEditTextures Extractor/Reinserter2011-02-28 13:53:58
TranslationsEditFinal Fantasy VII2010-10-13 04:25:08
UtilitiesEditPSound2010-10-03 15:40:35
UtilitiesEditPSound2010-08-24 03:32:31
UtilitiesNewPSound2010-04-18 13:21:28
UtilitiesEditXenogears Translation Tools2010-02-04 06:06:58
TranslationsEditFinal Fantasy VII2009-12-30 02:57:18
TranslationsNewFinal Fantasy VII2009-12-23 09:57:27
UtilitiesEditXenogears Translation Tools2009-11-03 11:15:27
UtilitiesEditXenogears Translation Tools2009-03-04 14:49:30
UtilitiesEditXenogears Translation Tools2008-12-04 02:31:05
TranslationsEditFinal Fantasy Tactics2008-10-27 14:00:54
TranslationsNewFinal Fantasy Tactics2008-10-26 08:12:40
TranslationsEditVagrant Story2008-09-25 15:15:04
UtilitiesEditXenogears Translation Tools2007-12-31 13:16:10
TranslationsNewXenogears2007-11-07 12:04:08
UtilitiesEditXenogears Translation Tools2007-11-05 09:25:54
TranslationsNewChrono Cross2007-11-04 11:14:12
UtilitiesEditXenogears Translation Tools2007-10-06 11:37:23
UtilitiesEditXenoscript [Xenogears Script Editor]2007-10-04 07:35:52
CommunityEditSadNES City Translations2007-10-03 11:10:38
UtilitiesNewXenogears Translation Tools2007-09-01 06:49:33
TranslationsNewNo Title Value Reported!2007-02-14 07:33:58
TranslationsNewNo Title Value Reported!2006-10-07 15:01:28
TranslationsNewNo Title Value Reported!2006-10-07 14:58:27
TranslationsNewNo Title Value Reported!2006-10-07 14:56:45
TranslationsNewNo Title Value Reported!2006-10-07 14:22:14
TranslationsNewNo Title Value Reported!2006-10-05 15:58:29
TranslationsNewNo Title Value Reported!2006-10-05 14:58:12