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    I had no idea that the game would not start because of the bankswitch code. All have been fixed now.
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    "No title screen" was checked even though the hack had included a new title screen, and was already uploaded.
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    Removed screenshot
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    Removed changes like level tables and treasure chest content as they are outside the scope of this patch.
Submissions for User
UtilitiesNewFaxanaduShopEditor2018-04-29 17:51:21
UtilitiesNewVS. Excitebike Text Editor2018-04-07 09:41:36
UtilitiesNewDragon Warrior Monster Stat Editor2018-03-17 07:18:48
UtilitiesNewDragonWarriorMonsterZoneEditor2018-02-18 14:58:13
ReviewsNewHacks - Mega Man the Wily Wars SRAM+2018-02-11 12:54:44
UtilitiesNewDragonWarriorTreasureChestEditor2018-02-09 14:36:01
UtilitiesEditDragonWarriorShopEditor2018-02-08 16:10:05add better error handling and textbox validation
UtilitiesNewDragonWarriorEquipmentAndMagicDataEditor2018-02-08 16:07:47
UtilitiesNewDragonWarriorShopEditor2018-02-04 17:20:00
UtilitiesNewDragonWarriorTextEditor2018-01-30 19:33:56
UtilitiesEditPSXCueGenerator2018-01-13 15:55:23New Version -Add expiremental support for games with multiple audio tracks
UtilitiesEditDragon Warrior Town and Dungeon Editor2018-01-13 15:51:11Changed file size for archival purposes
UtilitiesNewDragonWarriorTownAndDungeonEditor2018-01-07 16:37:56
UtilitiesNewPSXCueGenerator2017-12-24 15:41:10
UtilitiesEditGameCube ISO Analyzer2017-12-17 18:34:19Update
UtilitiesNewSega Genesis Mega Drive ROM Analyzer / Header Editor / Checksum Fixer + Source2017-10-09 10:35:45
UtilitiesNewGame Boy ROM Analyzer / Header Editor / Checksum Fixer Incl Source2017-10-09 10:32:05
UtilitiesEditSuper Mario Brothers 2 Japan FDS Text Editor2017-07-20 13:19:02bugfix
UtilitiesNewSqoon NES Text Editor2017-07-04 10:39:26
UtilitiesEditSuper Mario Brothers 2 Japan FDS Text Editor2017-07-03 16:05:24bugfix
UtilitiesNewSuper Mario Brothers 2 Japan FDS Text Editor2017-06-27 20:43:34
UtilitiesEditNES Mapper Reader / Rom Fixer / Rom Splitter2017-02-19 15:05:23update
UtilitiesEditNES Mapper Reader / Rom Fixer / Rom Splitter2017-01-29 14:59:37New version / bug fixes.
UtilitiesNewMegaMan Text Editor2016-11-19 13:02:04
UtilitiesNewThe Guardian Legend Text Editor2016-11-13 14:11:19
UtilitiesNewDigDugNESTextEditor2016-08-21 13:01:06
UtilitiesNewThe Legend of Zelda Text Editor2016-08-20 16:16:52
UtilitiesEditZelda II NES ROM Text Editor2016-06-25 18:57:59bugfix
UtilitiesEditSMB NES ROM Text Editor2016-06-22 20:16:47minor update
UtilitiesEditZelda II NES ROM Text Editor2016-04-09 16:17:44update
UtilitiesNewIce Climber Text Editor2016-04-03 20:21:50
UtilitiesNewMega Man 3 Text Editor2016-03-27 20:38:28
UtilitiesEditZelda II NES ROM Text Editor2016-03-26 19:00:49update
UtilitiesNewExcitebike Text Editor2016-03-26 17:54:54
UtilitiesEditZelda II NES ROM Text Editor2016-03-19 20:07:37new version / bug fix thanks guys
UtilitiesNewZelda II NES ROM Text Editor2016-03-14 12:37:25
ReviewsNewHacks - Super Mario Advance 4 - All 38 e-Reader Levels2016-02-08 21:10:47
ReviewsNewHacks - Revenge of the Red Falcon2016-02-07 18:13:22
ReviewsNewHacks - Legend of Zelda - The Stone Legion2016-02-07 15:41:47
ReviewsNewHacks - The Legend of Zelda - Another Evil2016-02-06 14:19:21
UtilitiesNewGameCubeIsoAnalyzer2016-01-13 15:28:08
UtilitiesNewSolar Jetman Password Generator + Src + Docs2013-12-19 09:02:19
UtilitiesNewZelda II Overworld Map Editor (Beta 1)2010-09-13 13:55:28
ReviewsNewHacks - Super Mario Bros. 2 : 2nd Run2010-07-01 21:31:55
UtilitiesNewSMB NES ROM Text Editor2010-06-25 11:47:22
UtilitiesNewzeldaIINESROMtexteditor2010-06-17 13:28:17
UtilitiesNewBomberMan II Password Generator2010-05-18 16:27:16
UtilitiesNewAddams's Family Pugsley Scavenger Hunt Passwo2010-05-18 16:19:31
UtilitiesNewNES Mapper Reader / Rom Fixer / Rom Splitter2010-05-18 16:06:06
UtilitiesNewMegaMan II Password Generator2010-05-18 16:02:21
UtilitiesNewMetroid Password Generator2010-05-18 15:57:09
UtilitiesNewNintendo Game Genie Encoder/Decoder2010-05-18 15:48:52
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