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TranslationsEditKou Dai Guai Shou: Zuan Shi Ban2019-04-02 15:47:43Update: Jubilife 0.2
CreditsEditTranslations - Kou Dai Guai Shou: Zuan Shi Ban2019-03-25 12:18:53Thanks, torridgristle!
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GamesEditKou Dai Guai Shou - Zuan Shi Ban (KT-008 PCB)2019-03-11 10:14:55Added titlescreen and made desc. better
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GamesEditKou Dai Guai Shou - Zuan Shi Ban (KT-008 PCB)2019-03-10 17:36:47Adding game titlescreen and info.
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HacksEditSuper Rex Dash2019-03-07 16:41:55updated to v1.07 - new levels
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HacksEditSuper Rex Dash2019-02-12 13:47:07I uploaded this update earlier, but the screenshots and info didn't change.
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