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CommunityEditRPGONE2018-11-08 01:08:52RPGONE is active again under Jonny, while Sky Render started his own group. Still I am leaving the forum account as ChrisRPG for now out of respect, since he was the founder.
CommunityEditCaptain Gastronomicon2018-11-08 00:42:02added description and image, image is from Patreon page
CommunityEditCrimental2018-11-08 00:21:23added avatar from RHDN forums and wrote very short description myself (better than nothing)
CommunityEditYoni Arousement2018-11-08 00:13:21added description and logo from blogspot site
CommunityEditszemigi2018-11-08 00:05:26added profile image from YouTube account of szemigi, original URL is but it does not have file extension in URL so I had to upload image to RHDN Scratchpad to get it to work here
CommunityEditdiegoisawesome2018-11-04 08:40:36description copied from his website at
CreditsNewHacks - Seiken Densetsu 3 Genetics Patch2018-10-20 01:58:41
HacksEditSNES PAL to NTSC Patches2018-10-20 01:22:39made “More info” URL in description actually clickable
ReviewsNewTranslations - Radical Dreamers: Nusumenai Houseki2018-10-17 05:58:49
CommunityEditHiei-2018-10-15 02:05:55According to a comment by Hiei- at he knows Japanese too along with French and English. So I am adding it as a language he knows.
ReviewsNewUtilities - MultiPatch2018-10-04 17:58:10
UtilitiesEditTsukuyomi UPS2018-10-04 17:21:21upset is a replacement for Tsukuyomi UPS, also byuu who created this recommends BPS over UPS so I added info on that too
UtilitiesEditSecret of Mana Editor2018-10-03 22:55:16update from version 0204 to version 0213, add link to official website
GamesEditSangokushi Koumeiden2018-10-02 02:34:24description was missing, also the game is usually spelled as 2 words, Sangokushi Koumeiden
CommunityEditFoffy2018-09-28 21:41:14added link to Castlevania Dungeon forum Foffy is active on (cannot link directly to profile since profiles are only visible to logged in users), also used avatar image Foffy uses on that site, leaving description blank since profile on that site is blank too other than the avatar image
CommunityEditCeldia2018-09-28 21:26:14link directly to profile on other site (, also use the same profile image from that site and the same profile description from that site
HacksEditTKB Super Mario Bros. Volume II2018-09-25 07:38:14actually including a link to the hack that this is the sequel to in the description, instead of just mentioning its name
HacksEditPokémon Throwback2018-09-25 07:28:04update from version 170328 to version 170709 of RichterSnipes’s official Pokemon Throwback hack, the latest official version
ReviewsNewHacks - Final Fantasy IV Namingway Edition2018-09-23 06:07:11
UtilitiesEditZlib archiver2018-09-22 11:33:34improving English grammar of the description, so that it makes more sense and is easier to read
UtilitiesEditUniPatcher2018-09-22 10:09:40update from version 0.15 to version 0.16, also link to GitHub project page added to description
CommunityEditBoris Timofeev2018-09-22 09:57:03adding his Twitter profile image (he uses the same one on GitHub too)
CommunityEditNebulous Translations2018-09-22 09:15:07using BBcode list, it looks nicer as far as formatting, the actual text is unchanged
CommunityEditDynamic-Designs2018-09-22 09:08:21information about core staff and collaborators and the history, since this group has quite a lot of accomplishments and a long history but there was hardly any info about it here
UtilitiesEditSMD Ida Tools2018-09-22 06:58:25update to version 1.14 and updated description accordingly as this now includes Gensida, merging in information from Gensida's description as well as from the GitHub page
UtilitiesEditGens KMod2018-09-22 06:02:45this already was the latest version, but the version number was listed wrong, as “2.12a 0.7.” instead of “2.12a 0.7.3”, so I’m fixing that typo... the other change is adding a link to the official website for more info, everything else is the same
UtilitiesEditbsnes-plus2018-09-22 05:53:02updated versions... 64-bit version updated from v073+3 to v04, and 32-bit version updated from v073+3 to v073+3a since the latest v04 is not available for 32-bit... you can look at the release history on GitHub at to verify
UtilitiesEditBGB2018-09-22 05:17:14update from 1.5.6 to latest 1.5.7, improved description
UtilitiesEditCompress Tools2018-09-20 07:52:54This very obviously belongs in Compression / Decompression instead of Miscellaneous.
UtilitiesEditARFX2018-09-20 07:45:29This is a Compression / Decompression program, so moving to that category from Miscellaneous. While it might be game-specific, it might also work on other games too if they use that same .vol (RTDP) archive file format, so I think Compression / Decompression is a better category than Game-Specific since we do not really know for sure if this is game-specific or not but this is definitely an extractor for compressed archives.
UtilitiesEditAFS Packer2018-09-20 07:37:44Moving from Miscellaneous to Compression / Decompression, as this deals with a type of compressed archive file called AFS, compressing and decompressing that format
UtilitiesEditAdvanced Patch Conflict Finder2018-09-20 07:33:54Moving to Patching category, where Zephyr's Patch Conflict Finder program already is, from Miscellaneous, as this tool deals with patches
UtilitiesEdit(LZKN) Konami LZ Compression Tools2018-09-20 07:25:51This belongs in Compression / Decompression. All I am doing is moving it there from Miscellaneous.
UtilitiesEditFISGON2018-09-20 07:19:47change category from Miscellaneous to Data Extraction / Insertion since data extraction is what this does
UtilitiesEditMesen2018-09-20 07:14:01updating version to 0.9.7 and putting in the correct category for a debugging emulator
CommunityEdittkim2018-09-20 06:22:35link to tkim's profile on PokeCommunity, where tkim is active posting about their ROM hack, Unofficial Pokémon Throwback, so that at least this page won't be completely empty
CreditsEditHacks - Unofficial Pokémon Throwback2018-09-20 01:26:56The description listing all the ASM hacks tkim did went on too long for the website to display it all and got cut off in the middle, so I fixed the description for tkim’s contributions to just say “Current maintainer of hack, various ASM hacks” to avoid the description being too long. Everything else in the credits is the same.
CreditsNewHacks - Unofficial Pokémon Throwback2018-09-17 17:53:08
DocumentsEditThe 68000's Instruction Set2018-09-12 21:31:19I found out the release date by downloading the PDF and looking at its properties from within Adobe Reader, this file was produced on November 3, 1996 at 6:07:14 pm using Adobe PageMaker 6.0 for Windows. Unfortunately, the author of this document is still unknown, and is not specified anywhere in the document.
HacksNewUnofficial Pokémon Throwback2018-09-12 20:39:28
HacksEditLoD Full XP2018-07-31 15:53:07This requires a custom patcher, instructions are in the readme file.
HacksEditCJ's Elephant Antics (Quattro Arcade Autoboot Hack)2018-07-31 15:50:14no special requirements for applying the pach, this is just an ips patch for an nes game, very easy to apply
HacksEditProbotector / Contra Operation C (Konami Col. Autoboot Hack)2018-07-31 15:48:27no special requirements for patching information as this is a gameboy color ips patch, very simple to apply
HacksEditWTFTris2018-07-31 15:44:04gameplay and graphics are both modified, previously none of the modification bits were set for this hack
TranslationsEditDragon Ball Z III: Ressen Jinzou Ningen2018-07-31 15:10:26no special requirements, it is just an NES patch, the special requirements are for other platforms, and the older Spanish translation this is based on has no special requirements either
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