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HacksEditCrystalis Computer Repair2018-11-15 19:56:28Update to remove the unintentional inclusion of the Crystalis Proofread hack contents. This hack must be applied to a ROM which does not already include the Proofread content, as it does not subtract the data.
HacksNewBlaster Master - Metafight Alpha2018-09-07 10:14:04
HacksNewCrystalis Computer Repair2018-09-05 22:16:19
HacksNewMetal Gear MSX + Style2018-08-09 20:15:49
HacksNewBubble Bobble Proofread2018-07-30 22:43:12
HacksNewGhosts 'n Goblins Proofread2018-07-30 05:54:01
HacksNewIkari Warriors Proofread2018-07-30 03:21:21
GamesEditPuzznic2018-07-23 22:42:35Title screen was missing. Captured from US version via FCEUX at 256x224 resolution for NTSC.
GamesEditSword of Vermilion2018-07-23 22:19:08Title screen was missing. Captured from US/EU version via Fusion at 320x224 native game resolution for NTSC.
HacksNewStrider Proofread2018-07-22 19:18:22
HacksNewCrystalis Proofread2018-07-14 16:51:10