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HacksEditMirror Zelda2019-02-13 00:47:142.0.4 fixes a bug that could potentially make 2nd quest unbeatable.
ReviewsNewHacks - The Legend of Zelda - Font Mod (+ Retranslation)2019-01-21 13:36:29
CreditsEditHacks - The Legend of Zelda - Font Mod (+ Retranslation)2019-01-18 11:43:30Crediting snarf for his work
ReviewsNewHacks - Contra: Liquid mod2018-12-31 22:06:23
HacksEditMirror Zelda2018-12-26 10:45:29Fixed a bug with another spawn. Added 2 more screenshots.
HacksEditMirror Zelda2018-12-19 01:35:51Accidentally uploaded the wrong patch fix bugfix in level 5
NewsNewMirror The Legend of Zelda Hack released!2018-12-17 22:18:48
HacksEditMirror Zelda2018-12-17 21:59:45Bug fixes relating to enemy spawns and 2nd quest support.
HacksNewMirror Zelda2018-12-05 20:20:27