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Submissions for User
HacksEditDragon Warrior Monsters 2 Ultimate2018-09-28 22:20:54HP decrease of Oasis key boss; HP increases to some Ice, Sky, and Limbo key bosses; Changes to some Elf and Traveler key monsters; prevent lord type monsters from being catch before breeding; Completion of Brawn, Baffle, Soul Key challenges
HacksEditDragon Warrior Monsters 2 Ultimate2018-08-27 23:57:00fixed checksums, fixed in-battle item values, added equips to stores, fixed rare spawn bug, some arena balancing
NewsNewDragon Warrior Monsters Ultimate2018-08-09 00:08:10
HacksEditDragon Warrior Monsters 2 Ultimate2018-08-07 00:33:32Fixed minor bugs relating to random names, rare monster spawn (Pirate) and Lamia/Petitbou stat mixup Improved readme, added Addtional Info and Lunar IPS Log Improved basic items, improved some treasure contents
CreditsNewHacks - Dragon Warrior Monsters 2 Ultimate2018-08-06 17:26:36
HacksNewDragon Warrior Monsters 2 Ultimate2018-08-04 15:06:54