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Submissions for User
CreditsEditHacks - No Missable Monsters2019-11-10 03:03:54Adding credit.
CreditsEditHacks - Level 9 Weapons Progression Balance2019-11-10 03:03:07Adding credit.
HacksEditNo Missable Monsters2019-11-10 00:57:10Significant overhaul. Too many changes to list. See README for full changelog.
CreditsNewHacks - Stardust Herb2019-11-09 00:13:20
HacksEditStardust Herb2019-11-09 00:11:42Adding the three other co-authors.
CreditsNewHacks - Fix Dark Lich Head Bang Glitch2019-11-09 00:09:17
HacksEditHarder Final Boss2019-11-08 22:03:10Overhauled Dark Lich AI and fixed crash during Mana Beast fight.
HacksNewFix Dark Lich Head Bang Glitch2019-11-08 21:39:44
HacksNewStardust Herb2019-11-08 02:43:04
HacksEditMagical Herb2019-11-08 02:28:14Fixed bug with Lucid Barrier not dispelling all the way.
HacksEditLevel 9 Weapons Progression Balance2019-11-07 22:52:12Updated bundled "Mana Magic Unequip Fix" by Queue to use the newly refactored even more efficient version.
HacksEditMagical Herb2019-11-07 22:20:20New animation. Also now dispels Lucid Barrier and Moon Energy. Thanks to Queue for help with some of the refactoring.
HacksEditNeko and Watts in the Mana Fortress2019-11-06 09:18:15Moved the last Neko to beyond the teleporter.
HacksEditEquipment Progression Balance2019-11-06 02:38:40Grave Bats no longer drop Vampire Capes. Also moved the last Neko to beyond the teleporter.
HacksEditLevel 9 Weapons Progression Balance2019-11-06 02:18:59No functional changes. Just adding a missing word in the description.
HacksEditMore Useful Evil Gate2019-11-05 22:37:54Removed multi-targeting damage penalty. Increased Gremlin and National Scar MP to max to compensate for increased spell cost of Evil Gate.
HacksEditFaerie Coconut2019-11-05 20:40:01Reverted the Fierce Head rare drop back to Unicorn Helm.
HacksEditLevel 9 Weapons Progression Balance2019-11-05 20:25:00Added "Level 8 Weapons Progression Balance" and "Mana Tree Grants Mana Sword" subvariant options. Also bundled "Mana Magic Unequip Fix" by Queue, though refactored the code to use buffer space more efficiently.
CreditsNewHacks - Sad Moogle Village2019-11-05 12:48:34
CreditsNewHacks - Echoey Matango Caves2019-11-05 12:48:21
HacksNewEchoey Matango Caves2019-11-05 01:02:13
HacksNewSad Moogle Village2019-11-04 23:10:13
CreditsNewHacks - Neko and Watts in the Pure Land2019-10-28 18:51:27
HacksNewNeko and Watts in the Pure Land2019-10-27 17:35:06
CreditsNewHacks - No Glitching Into Pandora Ruins2019-10-27 12:41:22
HacksEditEarly Tasnica2019-10-27 00:39:33Added "L9WPB and RECGP version" to fix bug that caused sword orbs to double up in Grand Palace if you went to Tasnica before going to Palace of Darkness with Level 9 Weapons Progression Balance applied or went to Tasnica before doing the Empire Castle sidequest with Remove Empire Castle Gate Permanently applied. Also fixed a bug which caused the wandering Tasnica entrance guard to not spawn under certain conditions.
HacksNewNo Glitching Into Pandora Ruins2019-10-26 23:47:31
HacksEditHellfire2019-10-26 17:30:47Added optional companion hack that increases MP of enemies that cast Hellfire so they don't run out of MP so quickly.
HacksEditTurtles on Turtle Shell Isle2019-10-26 16:57:09No functional changes. Just added some README content.
CreditsNewHacks - Early Tasnica2019-10-25 20:00:37
CreditsNewHacks - Turtles on Turtle Shell Isle2019-10-25 20:00:18
HacksNewEarly Tasnica2019-10-25 02:13:01
HacksNewTurtles on Turtle Shell Isle2019-10-25 01:17:56
CreditsNewHacks - Banished From Potos on the Honor System2019-10-25 00:30:02
HacksNewBanished From Potos on the Honor System2019-10-24 23:53:08
HacksEditSheex is a Master Ninja2019-10-24 19:30:11Added full support for VWF and Relocalized. Thanks to Queue for the VWF/Relocalized code.
HacksEditRemove Empire Castle Gate Permanently2019-10-24 19:03:14Swapped whip (chest) and javelin (Mech Rider II) orbs in Empire Castle to balance progression. Thanks to hmsong for the suggestion. Also added full support for VWF and Relocalized. Thanks to Queue for the VWF/Relocalized code.
HacksEditWatts in the Haunted Forest2019-10-24 18:08:58Watts will now no longer appear until after you've acquired the axe plus some other code refactoring. Thanks to Queue for the code updates.
HacksEditFreezing Rain2019-10-18 22:53:24Number of enemies that cast Freezing Rain has been greatly reduced.
HacksEditEnergy Absorb for the Girl2019-10-18 22:52:13Eye Spy, Wizard Eye, Tomato Man, and Eggplant Man will now cast Cure Water instead of Remedy.
CreditsNewHacks - Cure Water Both Heals and Cures2019-10-18 18:28:34
CreditsNewHacks - Energy Absorb for the Girl2019-10-18 18:28:24
CreditsNewHacks - Freezing Rain2019-10-18 18:28:14
CreditsNewHacks - Killable Snowmen2019-10-18 10:16:15
HacksNewFreezing Rain2019-10-18 01:26:20
HacksNewEnergy Absorb for the Girl2019-10-18 01:20:17
HacksNewCure Water Both Heals and Cures2019-10-18 01:18:13
HacksEditBalance Spell MP Cost2019-10-18 01:14:02Added more companion hacks to let people customize things a bit and revised README.
HacksEditOverworld Hidden Treasure2019-10-18 00:40:52Added an additional hidden treasure in Matango caves.
HacksNewKillable Snowmen2019-10-16 01:50:00
HacksEditSuicide Burst2019-10-14 17:29:18Added half option. Fixed bug which caused enemies casting burst to immolate themselves.
CreditsNewHacks - Suicide Burst2019-10-14 17:27:48
HacksEditHarder Final Boss2019-10-14 02:15:32Mana Beast now more aggressive (will no longer waste time casting Wall).
HacksEditBalance Spell MP Cost2019-10-14 01:52:11Added more companion hacks to let people customize things a bit and revised README.
HacksEditHarder Final Boss2019-10-13 15:28:34Mana Beast now immune to all elements.
HacksEditHellfire2019-10-13 00:56:41Fixed bug that made the Mana Beast briefly vulnerable to Hellfire if Dispel Magic were cast on him and then Hellfire in rapid succession.
HacksNewSuicide Burst2019-10-12 23:13:49
HacksEditBalance Spell MP Cost2019-10-10 00:42:47Added companion hacks and revised README.
HacksEditSheex is a Master Ninja2019-10-09 21:23:07Zeroed out chest drop chance.
CreditsNewHacks - Sheex is a Master Ninja2019-10-08 15:02:01
HacksEditOverworld Hidden Treasure2019-10-07 00:27:52Minor README copyediting to correct a typo.
HacksEditMultiplicative Change Form2019-10-07 00:13:45Updated in-game spell description.
HacksEditHerbal Boost2019-10-06 23:35:56Altered Revivifier (and Cup of Wishes) palette to yellow to reflect it now being a Luna spell, fixed bug causing enemies to cast Herbal Boost when they should be casting Revivifier, corrected element of spell being cast, and fixed small bug in swapped elemental animations. Thanks to Queue for providing some of the code.
HacksNewSheex is a Master Ninja2019-10-06 18:08:40
HacksEditRemove Empire Castle Gate Permanently2019-10-06 00:15:21Added kid in Northtown offering clues about the new sidequest, changed Emperor's treasure to a sword orb (reverts the Palace of Darkness one from Level 9 Weapons Progression Balance if present), a new 1000gp chest to the castle basement, bundled changes from "Secret of Mana Treasure in Northtown Woods 1.1" with this hack, replaced an old man in Northtown with an Imperial Soldier (a technical requirement), and added tougher monsters on second visit. Thanks to hmsong for the latter idea.
HacksEditHellfire2019-10-05 23:09:20Removed damage penalty on multi-targeting enemies and refactored spell definition code to make it more efficient. Thanks to Queue for the updates.
HacksEditLater Midge Mallet2019-10-03 23:52:09Fixed another regression preventing this from working correctly.
HacksEditHellfire2019-10-03 23:03:35Corrected palette of target, fixed in-game spell description, refactored icon code to make it more efficient, and introduced alternate name options.
CreditsNewHacks - Upbeat Elinee's Castle2019-10-02 17:31:53
HacksNewUpbeat Elinee's Castle2019-09-30 00:59:06
HacksEditLater Midge Mallet2019-09-29 21:21:05Fixed bug that prevented this from functioning correctly.
CreditsNewHacks - Lunar Magic Boss Gravity Attack2019-09-24 19:56:51
CreditsNewHacks - Multiplicative Change Form2019-09-24 19:56:39
CreditsNewHacks - Firenado2019-09-24 19:56:24
HacksEditFirenado2019-09-24 19:56:01"Modifications" checkbox for "Gameplay" was unchecked for some reason.
HacksNewFirenado2019-09-24 06:00:54
HacksNewMultiplicative Change Form2019-09-23 20:44:41
HacksNewLunar Magic Boss Gravity Attack2019-09-23 19:57:30
HacksEditDrop Table Balance2019-07-07 00:54:07Updated README and converted hack to require a ROM with no header.
HacksEditLevel 9 Weapons Progression Balance2019-07-06 23:23:17Documented new money chests added to dead end rooms. Also refactored some code to improve compatibility with other hacks. Thanks to Queue for providing the code for the refactor.
HacksEditEarly Luna2019-07-06 23:03:28The little girl in Kakkara will now offer Luna clues with VWF and Relocalized as well. Thanks to Queue for providing the code for the support hacks.
HacksEditAdjust Enemy Difficulty2019-07-06 22:45:11Added 10 more stat adjustments and fixed typos in original implementation.
HacksEditEquipment Progression Balance2019-06-14 21:50:16Mistakenly uploaded the wrong zip file in the last update.
HacksEditLevel 9 Weapons Progression Balance2019-06-12 12:18:56Potos basement chest reverted back to 50gp instead of 1000gp. Weapon orbs have been moved to more out of the way places, replacing fewer 50gp and 1000gp chests. Full list: Pandora treasury glove orb to Elinee's castle, Pandora treasury axe orb to Elinee's castle, Palace of Darkness sword orb to a dead-end room, moved Fire Palace bow orb to a dead-end room, Pandora treasury boomerang orb to Pandora ruins, and Pandora treasury javelin orb to Pandora ruins. Also added support for Relocalized.
HacksEditEquipment Progression Balance2019-06-12 11:48:10Small balance adjustment to make mid-game and later a bit harder. Also fixed bug when loading a save file saved in the Mana Fortress that caused the Mana Fortress music not to play until you transition a screen. Thanks to Queue for the fix. And added support for Relocalized.
HacksEditRemove Barrels on Run2019-06-11 14:29:27Fixed formatting in description.
CreditsNewHacks - Herbal Boost2019-06-11 11:21:20
CreditsNewHacks - Balance Spell MP Cost2019-06-11 11:21:11
CreditsNewHacks - No Missable Monsters2019-06-11 11:21:01
HacksNewHerbal Boost2019-06-11 01:20:45
HacksNewBalance Spell MP Cost2019-06-11 01:18:54
HacksNewNo Missable Monsters2019-06-11 01:15:43
HacksEditOverworld Hidden Treasure2019-06-10 12:20:47Fixed bug in Northtown Woods hack that caused the Southtown vendors to have a broken palette.
HacksEditMore Useful Evil Gate2019-06-09 11:40:02Set the Mana Beast to be strong against all elements instead of just changing it from Dryad to Shade. Thanks to Queue for the suggestion. (Last updated actually updated this time.)
HacksEditOverworld Hidden Treasure2019-06-09 11:38:50Treasure on Gaia's Navel's Eastern Ledge now has new default of 50gp with optional 1000gp option. (Last updated actually updated this time.)
HacksEditReverse MP Absorb on Evil and Undead Monsters2019-06-09 11:36:17Compressed the code. Thanks to Queue for the suggestion. (Last updated actually updated this time.)
HacksEditRemove Empire Castle Gate Permanently2019-06-07 22:05:48Added cursed statue holding the dummied out diary entry. Thanks to ThanatosZero for the idea.
HacksEditOverworld Hidden Treasure2019-06-07 20:30:00Added an additional hidden treasure in Northtown. Decreased amount of GP in Matango Innkeeper chest from 1000gp to 50gp.
CreditsNewHacks - Neko in the Underground City2019-06-07 18:33:35
CreditsNewHacks - Remove Empire Castle Gate Permanently2019-06-07 18:33:23
CreditsNewHacks - Reverse MP Absorb on Evil and Undead Monsters2019-06-07 18:33:10
CreditsNewHacks - Alternate Karon2019-06-07 13:38:36
HacksEditRestore Unused Fanfares2019-06-07 00:30:09Added support for Relocalized.
HacksEditNo Music2019-06-07 00:28:33Added support for Relocalized.
HacksEditGaia's Navel With the Girl Without Doubling Back2019-06-07 00:27:24Added support for Relocalized.
HacksEditLater Midge Mallet2019-06-07 00:26:17Added support for Relocalized.
HacksEditEarlier Midge Mallet2019-06-07 00:24:17Added support for Relocalized.
HacksEditNeko and Watts in the Mana Fortress2019-06-06 23:25:22Fixed bug when loading a save file saved in the Mana Fortress that caused the Mana Fortress music not to play until you transition a screen. Thanks to Queue for the fix. Also added support for Relocalized.
HacksNewRemove Empire Castle Gate Permanently2019-06-06 22:24:25
HacksNewReverse MP Absorb on Evil and Undead Monsters2019-06-06 22:22:29
HacksNewNeko in the Underground City2019-06-06 22:19:36
HacksEditWatts in the Haunted Forest2019-06-06 22:02:23Correcting screenshots. (Should work this time...)
HacksEditWatts in the Haunted Forest2019-06-05 16:05:10Moved Watts slightly further to the west to keep him out of view if you visit the whip post early.
HacksEditOverworld Hidden Treasure2019-06-03 22:00:49Added 3 additional hidden treasure locations. This resubmission of this edit should have correctly formatted screenshots now. Thanks to snarfblam for walking me through the issue.
HacksNewAlternate Karon2019-06-03 21:52:09
HacksEditSteal From Matango Innkeeper2019-05-23 16:14:39Fixed the chest palette.
HacksEditFix Barrel Frame Glitches2019-05-21 18:03:59Significant code refactor.
HacksEditRemove Barrels on Run2019-05-21 18:02:35Significant code refactor.
CreditsNewHacks - Steal From Matango Innkeeper2019-05-20 12:24:31
CreditsNewHacks - Remove Barrels on Run2019-05-20 12:24:17
CreditsNewHacks - Fix Barrel Frame Glitches2019-05-20 12:16:32
CreditsNewHacks - More Useful Evil Gate2019-05-19 16:14:03
CreditsNewHacks - Watts in the Haunted Forest2019-05-19 16:13:51
CreditsNewHacks - Different Boss Music for Buffy and Dread Slime2019-05-19 16:12:29
CreditsNewHacks - No Music2019-05-19 16:12:17
CreditsNewHacks - Tricked Out from the Start2019-05-19 16:11:59
CreditsNewHacks - Easier or Harder Monsters2019-05-19 16:11:40
HacksNewSteal From Matango Innkeeper2019-05-18 23:15:47
HacksNewRemove Barrels on Run2019-05-18 20:20:40
HacksNewFix Barrel Frame Glitches2019-05-18 20:11:51
HacksNewMore Useful Evil Gate2019-05-17 21:59:41
HacksNewWatts in the Haunted Forest2019-05-16 23:19:32
HacksEditMagical Herb2019-05-05 00:51:17Changes to improve compatibility with other hacks.
HacksEditEquipment Progression Balance2019-05-04 16:32:42Fixed crash caused by combining this with VWF. (Resubmitting due to typo in previous edit submission URLs.)
HacksEditNeko and Watts in the Mana Fortress2019-05-04 16:31:03Fixed bug when combined with VWF.
HacksNewDifferent Boss Music for Buffy and Dread Slime2019-05-02 00:04:01
HacksNewNo Music2019-04-14 13:14:13
HacksNewTricked Out from the Start2019-04-03 15:48:56
HacksEditEquipment Progression Balance2019-04-01 22:21:29Fixed bug in which the "Harder Final Boss" hack was accidentally bundled with this.
HacksNewEasier or Harder Monsters2019-03-31 15:44:28
HacksNewFaster Weapon Grinding2019-03-27 19:39:40
CreditsEditHacks - Faerie Coconut2019-03-24 21:50:02Added full credits.
CreditsNewHacks - Equipment Progression Balance2019-03-24 21:50:00
HacksEditEquipment Progression Balance2019-03-24 12:02:37Added "Faerie Coconut Replacement Graphic" companion hack to this hack instead of submitting as a standalone mod.
HacksEditFaerie Coconut2019-03-24 12:00:45Added "Faerie Coconut Replacement Graphic" companion hack to this hack instead of submitting as a standalone mod.
HacksNewMagical Herb2019-03-22 20:53:48
HacksEditGaia's Navel With the Girl Without Doubling Back2019-03-21 03:20:00Correcting modification category.
HacksNewEquipment Progression Balance2019-03-21 03:12:35
HacksNewFaerie Coconut2019-03-19 17:55:59
HacksNewFaster or Slower Spell Grinding2019-03-19 17:51:52
HacksEditNeko and Watts in the Mana Fortress2019-03-19 17:46:26Fix typo in README and actually including the new zip file this time.
HacksEditNeko and Watts in the Mana Fortress2019-03-19 17:40:19Fixed typo in README.
HacksNewGaia's Navel With the Girl Without Doubling Back2019-03-15 23:21:46
HacksEditEarly Luna2019-03-15 23:00:12Altered the little girl in Kakkara to give you clues about how to get Luna before giving you clues about how to get Salamando. The little girl will not give you Luna clues if you have VWF applied. She will revert to the original behavior of only giving Salamando clues when VWF is applied.
HacksNewNeko and Watts in the Mana Fortress2019-03-15 01:03:46
HacksNewHarder Final Boss2019-03-14 21:33:46
HacksEditLevel 9 Weapons Progression Balance2019-03-07 23:24:07Fixed bug which caused Potos elder to never give his goodbye speech to Randi. Thanks to star_scream1646 for reporting the bug.
HacksNewLater Midge Mallet2019-02-28 16:28:56
HacksEditLevel 9 Weapons Progression Balance2019-01-28 15:30:07Fix for crash in 1.1.
HacksEditEarlier Midge Mallet2019-01-28 14:01:01Correcting ROM info.
HacksEditRestore Unused Fanfares2019-01-28 13:54:14Fix to make this hack compatible with VWF.
HacksNewEarlier Midge Mallet2019-01-27 17:14:18
HacksEditLevel 9 Weapons Progression Balance2019-01-23 13:08:40Swapped 1.0's Dark Palace whip orb for Gold Tower sword orb to space out the upgrades better. Thanks to Timbo for the idea.
HacksNewNo HP Restored At Level Up2019-01-10 01:10:31
HacksNewLevel 9 Weapons Progression Balance2019-01-07 20:00:26
HacksNewBetter Default Text Boxes2019-01-07 19:47:08
HacksEditEarly Luna2019-01-07 19:42:57Fixed bug with VWF.
HacksEditRestore Unused Fanfares2018-07-01 11:04:29Adding video demoing the hack.
HacksNewRestore Unused Fanfares2018-06-30 17:34:28
HacksNewEarly Luna2018-06-30 14:53:44
HacksNewDrop Table Balance2017-11-08 19:57:14
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