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HacksNewSpeedy Gonzales - 6-1 fix2018-02-11 18:51:21
HacksNewCacoma Knight - faster rom2018-01-25 20:25:12
HacksEditLost Vikings II - faster rom2018-01-01 09:22:54patching info
HacksNewLost Vikings II - faster rom2017-12-31 11:38:26
CommunityEditsluffy2017-12-25 08:54:44update
HacksNewLost Vikings II - password saving2017-12-24 22:25:02
HacksNewLost Vikings II - always stereo2017-12-24 22:21:10
ReviewsEditHacks - Wonder Boy III - SRAM Save2017-12-24 21:57:37cleanup
ReviewsEditHacks - Golvellius - SRAM save2017-12-24 21:55:25cleanup
ReviewsNewHacks - Golvellius - SRAM save2017-09-08 11:10:26
HacksNewWonder Boy 3 - credits fix2017-09-08 09:02:07
HacksNewWonder Boy III - FM2017-09-06 19:55:28
HacksNewSonic the Hedgehog - FM2017-09-06 19:28:02
HacksNewSonic the Hedgehog - Sms Style Edition2017-09-06 19:22:29
HacksNewAlex Kidd in Miracle World - reverse controls2017-09-06 12:47:39
HacksNewAlex Kidd in Miracle World - burger and more2017-09-06 11:50:38
ReviewsNewHacks - Wonder Boy III - SRAM Save2017-08-31 11:01:28