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    I had no idea that the game would not start because of the bankswitch code. All have been fixed now.
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    "No title screen" was checked even though the hack had included a new title screen, and was already uploaded.
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    Removed screenshot
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    Removed changes like level tables and treasure chest content as they are outside the scope of this patch.
Submissions for User
HacksEditCastlevania II: Game Over Penalty Reduction2019-01-05 13:07:55Fixed a game-over crash in the previous compatibility update
HacksEditCastlevania II: Game Over Penalty Reduction2018-12-27 13:20:46Updated version and description to remove a grammar error and add a changelog
HacksEditCastlevania II: Game Over Penalty Reduction2018-12-27 01:40:23Updated .zip to include a .ips which is compatible with Bisqwit's retranslation+map patch.
HacksEditCastlevania 2: Improved Controls2018-09-30 19:22:05Added (1) a patch for Bisqwit's retranslation + map hack, and (2) a README file, and (3) byte-level documentation for the hack.
HacksEditCastlevania 2: Improved Controls2018-09-20 23:42:36Fixed the boss of the game intro cutscene to no longer softlock.
HacksNewCastlevania 2: Improved Controls2018-09-16 22:05:13
HacksNewCastlevania II: Game Over Penalty Reduction2018-09-03 23:19:41
HacksEditCastlevania: Vertical Knockback2018-03-08 12:30:53The person who submitted this hack gave it a pretty silly name which I'm not fond of (since I made the hack). Also, this hack is really just a reduced version of the other improved controls hack, so I'd rather people go there and get that one instead.
CommunityEditNaOH2018-02-14 15:52:35Descripion and Email added
HacksEditCastlevania 3: Improved Controls2018-02-14 15:45:32Added reference to another similar hack for Castlevania 1, in case people liked this hack and wanted to find more.
HacksNewCastlevania: Improved Controls2018-02-08 20:14:35
UtilitiesNewipsnect2018-02-03 20:30:14
HacksEditCastlevania 3: Improved Controls2017-11-18 14:42:56Somebody said they didn't know how to apply the hack, thought this would be helpful.
HacksEditCastlevania 3: Improved Controls2017-08-02 01:04:40Fixed bug where subweapons would glitch out when used while jumping to the left.
HacksEditCastlevania 3: Improved Controls2017-07-31 22:53:53Fixed the following bugs that were introduced by the hack: - zombies no longer spawn in the middle of the screen - knockback does not push player off of stairs - When alucard reverts into human form from bat form, his x-velocity is correctly zeroed. ps. Sorry for the previous submission's file error; I made a typo in the URL.
CreditsNewHacks - Castlevania 3: Improved Controls2017-07-30 14:30:13
CommunityEditNaOH2017-07-27 14:11:32author's forum name
HacksNewCastlevania 3: Improved Controls2017-07-25 20:33:32
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