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TranslationsNewBishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon: Another Story2019-01-14 17:36:59
TranslationsEditPhantasy Star Generation:22018-10-16 18:39:09Fixed a typo in the description. the most widespread japense image disk = the most widespread japanese image disk
TranslationsEditPhantasy Star Generation:22018-10-09 15:15:27Patch update (final version).
NewsNewDragon Ball Z Super Gokuuden Totsugeki-Hen (Super Famicom) translation update released!2016-12-31 17:35:00
TranslationsEditDragon Ball Z: Gokuden2016-12-31 13:29:19The new screenshots I posted were not added to the link, except one. The old screenshots should be deleted as there are not accurate at all anymore. You can forgot the previous edit (patching information) as I added it again in this update.
CreditsEditTranslations - Dragon Ball Z: Gokuden2016-12-31 13:21:41Updated credits with the new staff.
TranslationsEditDragon Ball Z: Gokuden2016-12-31 08:13:17New version of the patch.
TranslationsNewPhantasy Star Generation:22015-11-01 12:26:02
TranslationsEditPhantasy Star Generation:22014-11-19 20:44:09Updated version of the translation (1.1)
CreditsNewTranslations - Phantasy Star Generation:22014-11-08 05:44:56
TranslationsEditPhantasy Star Generation:22014-11-08 05:41:37Updated the zip file contents to fix a bat file error.
TranslationsNewPhantasy Star Generation:22014-11-06 02:15:09
CreditsEditTranslations - Shenmue II2012-10-30 16:41:23I didn't participate to this project, only Shenmue 1, probably an errorr.
UtilitiesNewCrystal Beans Translation Tools2012-10-29 03:41:04
GamesEditCrystal Beans: From Dungeon Explorer2012-02-16 12:19:10
TranslationsNewCrystal Beans : From Dungeon Explorer2012-02-14 07:55:39
HelpAdsNewDragon Ball Z : Super Gokuuden - Totsugeki-Hen2010-01-24 22:50:52
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