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GamesEditAsuncia: Matsue no Jubaku2018-01-29 02:31:19Moving game description info
TranslationsEditAsuncia: Matsue no Jubaku2018-01-29 02:29:44Update patch and move game info.
TranslationsNewFamily Diamond Game2018-01-23 23:56:41
DocumentsNewShift-JIS Encoded + Half2018-01-16 18:32:27
TranslationsNewAsuncia2018-01-09 05:00:19
UtilitiesEditNana2017-12-10 02:09:53fixed a couple typos in description
ReviewsNewUtilities - Nana2017-12-09 16:50:48
UtilitiesEditNana2017-12-09 16:30:05Newer version and more detailed description
UtilitiesEditTIM Viewer2017-11-16 19:15:36This utility is marked '1.04b' and not '1.4b'.
ReviewsNewUtilities - AC3E Text Editor 1.3.42017-11-16 19:03:52
UtilitiesEditKing's Field Texture Tool2017-11-09 19:44:32Updating to latest version, add source code
ReviewsNewDocuments - Shift-JIS Table2017-11-01 19:43:54
HacksEditMaster of Monsters Fix2017-10-19 15:50:02Added multi-player info and changed name to be more recognizable (I'm the author).
HacksNewRandom and Level Fix2017-10-18 21:33:23
TranslationsNewBrigandine: Grand Edition2017-10-17 23:40:46
TranslationsEditBrigandine: Grand Edition2017-10-17 19:55:46Updating patch and screen shots to last version for this project.
TranslationsEditBrigandine: Grand Edition2017-10-14 15:25:56This listing erroneously combines two translation projects for BGE. The screens and readme are for a partial trans project, the patch, links, and user-review belong to a different full-translation.
GamesEditMoorhuhn 2: Die Jagd Geht Weiter2014-07-11 21:34:55I don't know the actual release date, but Nov 14th 2000 is the date of the newest file on the game disk. In my experience, the release would be 1 to 2 months after that. The original title screen wasn't changed in the translation, but I uploaded a copy from the untouched game just to be sure. Everything else looks right to me.
CreditsEditTranslations - Shadow Tower: Abyss2014-07-07 22:18:04I didn't know Mord had submitted this. We worked on this project together. I did the hacking/text inserting/subtitles etc, and some of the item menu translating. He did all the rest of the translating/editing.
TranslationsNewMoorhuhn 22014-07-07 22:05:29
UtilitiesNewKing's Field Tool2014-06-06 18:01:35
CommunityEditJohn Osborne2013-05-20 20:22:39Just adding some "bio" info - I guess that's what goes under "description"? :)
CommunityEditJohn Osborne2013-05-18 16:12:14Just updating my main URL location
TranslationsNewKing's Field 3 Pilot Style2013-05-18 15:58:59
ReviewsNewUtilities - jPSXdec GUI2012-06-15 16:52:15
CommunityEditJohn Osborne2008-08-31 05:12:24
HelpAdsNewSwrod of Moonlight: King's Field Making Tool2008-08-05 15:25:53
TranslationsNewNo Title Value Reported!2006-12-12 05:06:30