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HacksNewTekken Tag alternative Xiaoyu 12018-01-17 17:43:09
HacksEditTekken Tag Xiaoyu's rare green outfit2018-01-16 08:28:14More screenshots, upgraded and improved texture graphics.
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HacksNewTekken Tag alternative Jin 12018-01-14 16:03:49
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HacksNewSuper Luigi Bros. 22017-09-12 17:03:39
HacksEditSuper Mario Bros. 4: The Undiscovered Zones2017-09-08 19:41:26Gameplay fixes and release date updating.
HacksNewSuper Mario Bros. 4: The Undiscovered Zones2017-09-07 11:09:15
TranslationsNewNuts & Milk2017-08-21 16:33:44
NewsNewSuper Mario Bros. 3: The Forgotten Worlds PAL2017-08-03 18:53:35
HacksEditSuper Mario Bros. 3: The Forgotten Worlds2017-08-03 18:26:33Finished translating this hack to 10 languages, updated the poster + a minor change in all languages.
HacksNewDonkey Kong Luigi Edition2017-07-21 12:13:29
HacksEditLuigi Bros.2017-07-20 19:07:54The european classic version's hack is added and its ROM informations.
HacksNewLuigi Bros.2017-07-16 04:31:09
ReviewsNewHacks - Dr. Luigi2017-07-15 08:24:39
HacksNewSuper Luigi Bros.2017-07-14 14:59:11
NewsNewSuper Mario Bros. 3: The Forgotten Worlds has completely been fixed2017-07-10 03:26:15
HacksEditSuper Mario Bros. 3: The Forgotten Worlds2017-07-09 09:57:43The hack has been fixed, that's why the release date, the download link, the in-game screenshots have been updated as well. Also, a poster is attached.
HacksNewSuper Mario Bros. 3: The Forgotten Worlds2017-07-02 19:41:28
GamesEditAll Night Nippon Super Mario Bros.2017-06-13 08:42:26Added infos and title image for the game, moreover, fixed the publisher.
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TranslationsNewDonkey Kong Classics2017-05-06 17:29:30
TranslationsNewNeighbours From Hell2017-05-05 12:53:09
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TranslationsNewGalaxian2017-05-05 07:33:29
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TranslationsNewDonkey Kong Jr.2017-05-05 07:02:40
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TranslationsNewBattle City2017-05-05 06:26:53
TranslationsNewWild Gunman2017-05-04 18:18:52
TranslationsNewTennis2017-05-04 18:01:52
TranslationsNewSuper Mario Bros.2017-05-04 17:41:46
TranslationsNewPac-Man2017-05-04 17:19:19
TranslationsNewMs. Pac-Man (Namco)2017-05-04 17:05:05
TranslationsNewLunar Pool2017-05-04 16:50:57
TranslationsNewKung Fu2017-05-04 16:33:05
TranslationsNewIce Climber2017-05-04 15:58:26
TranslationsNewContra2017-05-04 15:38:47
TranslationsNewGalaga2017-05-04 15:04:23
TranslationsNewExcitebike2017-05-04 14:02:38
TranslationsNewDr. Mario2017-04-29 09:30:18
TranslationsNewDuck Hunt2017-04-28 18:22:49
TranslationsNewDonkey Kong Jr. Math2017-04-28 17:40:58
TranslationsNewClu Clu Land2017-04-28 14:12:28
TranslationsNewBalloon Fight2017-04-28 13:29:27
TranslationsNewBomberman2017-04-28 12:14:44
TranslationsNewAdventure Island2017-04-28 11:54:17
TranslationsNewIce Climber2017-04-28 10:20:05
TranslationsEditSuper Mario Bros. 22017-04-28 09:47:28Posted ':' for 'ROM Size' and the size is aligned under the other informations.
CommunityEditszemigi2017-04-28 09:36:32Updated my language along with my forum name. And I'm active here.
TranslationsEditTrack and Field2017-04-28 09:28:11Some ROM information was wrong. I fixed these, and additionally the MD5 is posted.
TranslationsEditTekken Advance2017-04-28 09:23:30The CRC32 and the SHA-1 informations were wrong (they were the informations of the patched GBA file). That's why I fix this issue. Additionally, the MD5 is posted.
TranslationsNewTekken Advance2017-04-27 18:40:59
TranslationsNewTrack and Field2017-04-27 18:15:43
TranslationsEditSuper Mario Bros. 22017-04-27 04:00:17After downloading, the zip file is damaged for strange reason. That's why I update it.
TranslationsEditSuper Mario Bros.2017-04-26 10:15:07Since I'm new here, but in the meantime, I realized the scratchpad option, where I can upload my translations temporarily.
TranslationsNewSuper Mario Bros. 22017-04-26 04:35:57
TranslationsNewSuper Mario Bros.2017-04-25 18:29:52