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ReviewsNewHacks - Super Mario Bros. - Two Players Hack2018-10-15 08:30:57
ReviewsNewHomebrew - Block Dude2018-10-13 13:10:41
TranslationsEditBuster Brothers2018-10-13 09:59:18Patching information added.
HacksNoncompliantVs. Super Mario Bros. (Home Edition) - 1.22018-10-13 09:07:55The original creator (BMF54123) of Vs. Super Mario Bros. Home Edition hack asked me to take my version 1.2 down. Please, that's why take my 'Vs. Super Mario Bros. (Home Edition) - 1.2' down in all cases.
GamesEditMortal Kombat 42018-10-10 10:05:22Detailed description.
GamesEditTekken 32018-10-10 09:59:54Updated description.
GamesEditTekken 22018-10-10 09:57:51Updated more detailed description.
GamesEditTekken Advance2018-10-10 09:55:56Updated description.
CreditsNewTranslations - Super Mario World2018-10-09 19:46:55
GamesEditIce Climber2018-10-09 19:03:41Updated title image.
GamesEditDonkey Kong 32018-10-09 18:44:54Normal description added along with fixed release date.
GamesEditSuper Mario Bros. Special2018-10-09 18:37:51Updated description.
GamesEditMario Bros.2018-10-09 18:25:39Release year fixed.
GamesEditSuper Mario World2018-10-09 14:46:45Updated, exact description for the game.
GamesEditSuper Mario Bros. 32018-10-09 14:43:21Updated new description.
GamesEditSuper Mario Advance 4: Super Mario Bros. 32018-10-09 14:39:47New exact description added.
GamesEditSuper Mario Bros. 22018-10-07 20:35:57New description.
GamesEditVs. Super Mario Bros.2018-10-07 15:14:01Added detailed description and concrete release date.
HacksNewVs. Super Mario Bros. (Home Edition) - 1.22018-10-07 14:45:54
CreditsNewTranslations - Mario Bros.2018-10-05 20:59:01
ReviewsNewHacks - Luigi Bros.2018-10-05 20:48:34
GamesEditKid Kool and the Quest for the 7 Wonder Herbs2018-10-04 09:40:56Description added.
GamesEditThe Legendary Axe2018-10-04 09:39:07Description finally added.
GamesEditBattleship2018-10-04 07:31:52Description, title image added.
ReviewsNewTranslations - Ice Climber2018-10-04 07:21:22
CreditsNewTranslations - Battleship2018-10-04 07:12:12
CreditsNewTranslations - Super Mario Bros.2018-10-03 19:49:22
ReviewsNewHacks - Luigi game2018-10-02 14:38:04
CreditsNewTranslations - Balloon Fight2018-10-02 09:59:36
CreditsNewTranslations - Ice Climber2018-10-02 09:57:55
ReviewsNewHacks - Super Mario All Stars NES2018-10-01 10:55:57
CreditsEditTranslations - Super Mario Bros.2018-09-30 15:52:49Contribution type fixing.
CreditsNewTranslations - Tennis2018-09-30 15:43:53
CreditsNewHacks - Super Mario World: Bowsette Edition2018-09-30 15:40:24
CreditsNewTranslations - Super Mario Bros.2018-09-30 15:30:47
TranslationsNewSuper Mario Bros.2018-09-29 20:33:40
ReviewsNewTranslations - Super Mario Bros.2018-09-28 01:38:48
HacksNewSMB1 Green Springboard2018-09-15 20:04:35
ReviewsNewHacks - Not So Super Mario Bros.2018-03-07 10:55:28
ReviewsNewHacks - Princess Pipe Panic2018-03-07 10:52:55
ReviewsNewHacks - Magic Jewelry II to MMC32018-03-03 20:00:00
ReviewsNewHacks - Donkey Kong 22018-03-03 19:57:39
ReviewsNewHacks - Super Mario Bros.: Peach Edition2018-03-01 16:24:42
GamesEditVs. Super Mario Bros.2018-02-28 18:53:26Due to a strange bug the platform section is changed back to NES.
ReviewsNewHacks - Battle City - 4 Players Hack2018-02-28 07:59:21
ReviewsNewHacks - Adventure Island Abridged2018-02-28 07:52:12
ReviewsNewTranslations - All Night Nippon Super Mario Bros.2018-02-27 14:19:03
ReviewsNewHacks - Super Mario Bros. 2 Christmas Edition2018-02-27 12:21:53
ReviewsNewHacks - Mortal Kombat 4: Hardcore Attack2018-02-27 08:24:10
ReviewsNewUtilities - Tinke2018-02-27 08:02:43
ReviewsNewUtilities - SMB Title Screen Editor2018-02-27 07:56:13
ReviewsNewHacks - Duck Hunt VS (NES-patch)2018-02-27 06:59:55
GamesEditVs. Super Mario Bros.2018-02-27 06:36:46Platform and release date updated.
CreditsNewTranslations - Amagon2018-02-26 20:26:27
CreditsEditTranslations - Super Mario Bros.2018-02-26 20:21:25'List credit' field is now filled in.
CreditsNewTranslations - Dr. Mario 642018-02-26 20:12:59
ReviewsNewTranslations - The Legend of Zelda 2: Link no Bouken2018-02-26 20:03:58
ReviewsNewTranslations - Kaettekita Mario Bros.2018-02-26 19:54:22
ReviewsNewHacks - Super Luigi Arcade2018-02-26 19:36:11
ReviewsNewHacks - Super Ninja Bros2018-02-26 19:22:09
ReviewsNewHacks - SUPER MARIO BROS Special X1 for NES2018-02-26 19:14:20
ReviewsNewUtilities - S.M.B. Remodeler (English)2018-02-25 16:31:19
ReviewsNewHacks - Vs. Super Mario Bros. - Home Edition -2018-02-25 09:25:12
CommunityEditszemigi2018-02-24 16:44:40Update description.
ReviewsEditHacks - Super Mario Bros. - Double Trouble2018-02-24 13:03:04Additional tribute added.
HacksEditSuper Mario Bros. Gold Edition2018-02-23 11:51:42Readme.txt file updated.
HacksNewSuper Mario Bros. Gold Edition2018-02-22 10:50:52
ReviewsNewDocuments - Ice Climber - Level Data Map2018-02-11 08:08:37
HacksNewSMB2J: Hard Mode2018-02-08 13:42:42
HacksNewTekken Tag alternative Nina 12018-01-18 05:46:50
HacksNewTekken Tag alternative Xiaoyu 12018-01-17 17:43:09
HacksEditTekken Tag Xiaoyu's rare green outfit2018-01-16 08:28:14More screenshots, upgraded and improved texture graphics.
HacksNewTekken Tag alternative King 22018-01-15 15:44:55
HacksNewTekken Tag alternative Jin 12018-01-14 16:03:49
HacksNewTekken Tag alternative Heihachi 22018-01-13 18:46:29
HacksNewTekken Tag alternative Lei 22018-01-13 13:36:39
HacksNewRed Devil2018-01-11 11:28:12
HacksNewTekken Tag alternative Xiaoyu 22018-01-09 17:23:43
HacksNewTekken Tag alternative Ogre 12018-01-08 12:51:42
HacksNewXiaoyu's green costume from Tekken Tag Tournament arcade version2017-11-12 18:58:02
ReviewsNewHacks - Super Mario Bros. - Double Trouble2017-10-04 17:16:53
HacksNewSuper Luigi Bros. 22017-09-12 17:03:39
HacksEditSuper Mario Bros. 4: The Undiscovered Zones2017-09-08 19:41:26Gameplay fixes and release date updating.
HacksNewSuper Mario Bros. 4: The Undiscovered Zones2017-09-07 11:09:15
TranslationsNewNuts & Milk2017-08-21 16:33:44
NewsNewSuper Mario Bros. 3: The Forgotten Worlds PAL2017-08-03 18:53:35
HacksEditSuper Mario Bros. 3: The Forgotten Worlds2017-08-03 18:26:33Finished translating this hack to 10 languages, updated the poster + a minor change in all languages.
HacksNewDonkey Kong Luigi Edition2017-07-21 12:13:29
HacksEditLuigi Bros.2017-07-20 19:07:54The european classic version's hack is added and its ROM informations.
HacksNewLuigi Bros.2017-07-16 04:31:09
ReviewsNewHacks - Dr. Luigi2017-07-15 08:24:39
HacksNewSuper Luigi Bros.2017-07-14 14:59:11
NewsNewSuper Mario Bros. 3: The Forgotten Worlds has completely been fixed2017-07-10 03:26:15
HacksEditSuper Mario Bros. 3: The Forgotten Worlds2017-07-09 09:57:43The hack has been fixed, that's why the release date, the download link, the in-game screenshots have been updated as well. Also, a poster is attached.
HacksNewSuper Mario Bros. 3: The Forgotten Worlds2017-07-02 19:41:28
GamesEditAll Night Nippon Super Mario Bros.2017-06-13 08:42:26Added infos and title image for the game, moreover, fixed the publisher.
TranslationsNewAll Night Nippon Super Mario Bros.2017-06-11 18:21:36
HacksNewPlayer colour swap2017-06-08 16:31:38
CommunityEditszemigi2017-06-02 05:40:33YouTube channel link added.
TranslationsNewIce Climber2017-06-01 18:04:07
TranslationsEditTekken Advance2017-05-11 06:41:21Description updating.
TranslationsNewNeighbours From Hell2017-05-08 08:20:24
TranslationsNewDonkey Kong Classics2017-05-06 17:29:30
TranslationsNewNeighbours From Hell2017-05-05 12:53:09
TranslationsNewMario Bros.2017-05-05 07:56:44
TranslationsNewGalaxian2017-05-05 07:33:29
TranslationsNewDonkey Kong 32017-05-05 07:16:44
TranslationsNewDonkey Kong Jr.2017-05-05 07:02:40
TranslationsNewDonkey Kong2017-05-05 06:43:18
TranslationsNewBattle City2017-05-05 06:26:53
TranslationsNewWild Gunman2017-05-04 18:18:52
TranslationsNewTennis2017-05-04 18:01:52
TranslationsNewSuper Mario Bros.2017-05-04 17:41:46
TranslationsNewPac-Man2017-05-04 17:19:19
TranslationsNewMs. Pac-Man (Namco)2017-05-04 17:05:05
TranslationsNewLunar Pool2017-05-04 16:50:57
TranslationsNewKung Fu2017-05-04 16:33:05
TranslationsNewIce Climber2017-05-04 15:58:26
TranslationsNewContra2017-05-04 15:38:47
TranslationsNewGalaga2017-05-04 15:04:23
TranslationsNewExcitebike2017-05-04 14:02:38
TranslationsNewDr. Mario2017-04-29 09:30:18
TranslationsNewDuck Hunt2017-04-28 18:22:49
TranslationsNewDonkey Kong Jr. Math2017-04-28 17:40:58
TranslationsNewClu Clu Land2017-04-28 14:12:28
TranslationsNewBalloon Fight2017-04-28 13:29:27
TranslationsNewBomberman2017-04-28 12:14:44
TranslationsNewAdventure Island2017-04-28 11:54:17
TranslationsNewIce Climber2017-04-28 10:20:05
TranslationsEditSuper Mario Bros. 22017-04-28 09:47:28Posted ':' for 'ROM Size' and the size is aligned under the other informations.
CommunityEditszemigi2017-04-28 09:36:32Updated my language along with my forum name. And I'm active here.
TranslationsEditTrack and Field2017-04-28 09:28:11Some ROM information was wrong. I fixed these, and additionally the MD5 is posted.
TranslationsEditTekken Advance2017-04-28 09:23:30The CRC32 and the SHA-1 informations were wrong (they were the informations of the patched GBA file). That's why I fix this issue. Additionally, the MD5 is posted.
TranslationsNewTekken Advance2017-04-27 18:40:59
TranslationsNewTrack and Field2017-04-27 18:15:43
TranslationsEditSuper Mario Bros. 22017-04-27 04:00:17After downloading, the zip file is damaged for strange reason. That's why I update it.
TranslationsEditSuper Mario Bros.2017-04-26 10:15:07Since I'm new here, but in the meantime, I realized the scratchpad option, where I can upload my translations temporarily.
TranslationsNewSuper Mario Bros. 22017-04-26 04:35:57
TranslationsNewSuper Mario Bros.2017-04-25 18:29:52