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TranslationsEditMega Man Battle Network2018-12-26 17:17:51New version with fixed dialogues
CommunityEditMNTWFL TRANSLATIONS2018-08-05 17:43:09Added logo
TranslationsEditMega Man Battle Network2018-06-06 12:52:20New version with fixed errors.
TranslationsEditMega Man Battle Network2018-05-31 01:01:48It is a new update with improved translations and bug fixes.
TranslationsEditMega Man Battle Network2018-05-01 18:14:43New version, fixed some graphical errors and improved some translations
TranslationsEditMega Man Battle Network2018-04-11 12:23:25There was an error in the patch and some errors in translation, I fixed them. Could you please check why the Facebook Page hyperlink doesn't work? It says "Not Found" when clicked.
CommunityEditKabuchi2032018-04-11 11:33:22I am Kabuchi203 so I want to edit this because it´s my profile.
CreditsNewTranslations - Mega Man Battle Network2018-04-09 14:47:55
CommunityEditMNTWFL TRANSLATIONS2018-04-09 14:22:48I am the leader of this group, so I am submitting a bit of information about the group.
TranslationsNewMega Man Battle Network2018-04-08 00:02:37
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