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Submissions for User
HacksEditSuper Flyin'2019-05-29 12:50:40Updated description.
HacksNewSuper Flyin'2019-05-28 21:25:11
HacksEditMario Oasis2019-04-13 17:34:54It was pointed out to me by a player that one of the pipes was mis-pointered. All pipes were re-checked. It's all good now.
HacksEditMario Oasis2019-04-10 11:07:33Another critical error addressed and fixed. MORE CAREFUL THIS TIME!
ReviewsNewHacks - Swamp Thing Easy2019-04-09 08:56:01
ReviewsNewHacks - Ghosts'N Goblins Easy2019-04-09 08:54:36
HacksEditMario Oasis2019-04-08 12:32:59Fixed a critical game-play flow error. Hack should be smooth as butter now.
HacksEditMario Oasis2019-03-08 15:26:41This previous submission's patch had been made from a slightly modified SMB3 rom, which rendered a level inaccurately.
CommunityEditBlue Finch2019-03-03 09:25:54Updated information.
HacksEditMario Oasis2019-03-03 08:38:25Fixed Description
HacksEditMario Oasis2019-03-02 21:36:36Massive Update.
DocumentsEditSMB3 - Custom Boss Battle Levels2019-02-27 13:26:00Formatting fixed in the description.
DocumentsNewCustom Boss Battle Levels2019-02-25 14:32:15
DocumentsEditSMB3 Enemy Document (Organized)2018-08-09 22:54:34Needed to add another common object, plus a handy URL reference to how an object could be better utilized in a hack.
DocumentsEditSMB3 Enemy Document (Organized)2018-08-04 12:36:25Note that this document does not address enemy compatibility.
DocumentsEditSMB3 — Beyond Pipes2018-08-01 08:49:29Clarified that this is for overworld maps, for the casual reader.
ReviewsNewUtilities - SMB3TE2018-07-31 23:10:49
ReviewsNewUtilities - SMB3 Text Editor2018-07-31 23:08:26
ReviewsNewUtilities - SMB3 Workshop2018-07-31 23:03:59
DocumentsNewSMB3 — Beyond Pipes2018-07-31 22:15:39
DocumentsNewSMB3 Enemy Document (Organized)2018-07-28 19:44:55
HacksEditMario Oasis2018-07-28 19:33:26Massive amount of significant updates.
ReviewsNewHacks - SMB3: The Rainbow Realms2018-07-26 22:43:50
HacksEditMario Oasis2018-07-16 18:53:49Needed to edit the final princess message to Mario. Unable to do this before today, as it was manual HEX editing.
HacksEditMario Oasis2018-07-14 15:41:09Needed to fix a super tight p-switch timer in final dungeon.
ReviewsNewHacks - Block'o Coin Mario2018-07-13 18:25:23
ReviewsNewHacks - SMB3_Battery Hack2018-07-13 15:31:32
CommunityEditBlue Finch2018-07-12 19:45:39Would rather use Mario Maker moniker than actual name.
HacksEditMario Oasis2018-07-12 19:43:47An update to the game was effected, and warrants a reupload.
ReviewsNewHacks - Super Barb Bros.2018-07-10 18:40:50
HacksNewMario Oasis2018-07-09 17:58:04
CommunityEditronnie barnes2018-07-09 17:45:32Change LOGO URL to a functional one.
CommunityNewronnie barnes2018-06-30 14:36:18
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