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Submissions for User
UtilitiesEditDKC Entrance Randomizer2019-08-13 17:35:41Added various features. Look at the update log to see which
UtilitiesEditDKC Enemy Randomizer2019-06-10 10:25:39Minor title change
UtilitiesEditDKC Entrance Randomizer2019-06-07 18:27:51Small update to color selection. Negligible
UtilitiesEditDKC Entrance Randomizer2019-06-06 14:08:59This adds a version tracker so this goes out to the web and compares program version to a website saying what version it is on
UtilitiesEditDKC Entrance Randomizer2019-06-03 15:13:33At least 1 boss behind an animal token now.
UtilitiesEditDKC Entrance Randomizer2019-06-01 20:46:59Left some dev features in the previous build... oops!
HacksNewDKC - All Kong Letters2019-06-01 15:04:48
UtilitiesEditDKC Entrance Randomizer2019-05-31 12:47:31Spoiler log update
UtilitiesEditDKC Entrance Randomizer2019-05-29 16:52:49Re-submit
UtilitiesEditDKC Entrance Randomizer2019-05-16 16:14:47Removed
UtilitiesEditDKC Entrance Randomizer2019-05-12 13:39:43Updated
UtilitiesNewDKC Entrance Randomizer2019-05-09 09:24:54
UtilitiesEditDKC Randomizer2018-12-02 23:06:05fix
UtilitiesEditDKC Randomizer2018-11-20 17:31:34Fixed an error
UtilitiesEditDKC Randomizer2018-11-17 23:26:47update to file and description
UtilitiesEditDKC Randomizer2018-11-12 14:11:41Added Gnawty wheels to 2 stages
UtilitiesEditDKC Randomizer2018-11-11 15:07:59HUGE update. Would've updated sooner, but...
HacksEditDKDC2018-11-08 14:20:09Updated a bad glitch in code. 6-3 fixed!
UtilitiesEditDKC Randomizer2018-10-31 16:39:39Update
UtilitiesNewDKC Enemy Randomizer2018-10-26 14:17:58
HacksEditDKDC2018-10-23 10:04:52Edit type
HacksEditDKDC2018-10-22 19:04:01Small edit
HacksEditDKDC2018-10-21 17:54:14Fixed error
HacksEditDKDC2018-10-19 20:09:51Error
HacksEditDKDC2018-07-25 11:03:17Edit
HacksEditDKDC2018-07-24 17:08:09Edit
HacksEditDKDC2018-07-18 07:51:13Minor description update
ReviewsNewHacks - Donkey Kong Country Kremling's Revenge Remodel2018-07-16 16:52:10
HacksEditDKDC2018-07-14 14:00:49Final edit
HacksEditDKDC2018-07-12 19:57:46Description edit
HacksEditDKDC2018-07-10 21:37:45Bug fix
HacksEditDKDC2018-07-09 16:34:40Patch + description update
HacksEditDKDC2018-07-08 21:44:59Various nerfs.
HacksEditDKDC2018-07-07 07:26:49Small update
HacksEditDKDC2018-07-06 21:21:48Description update
HacksEditDKDC2018-07-06 15:16:33Wrong category
HacksEditDKDC2018-07-06 08:40:50Wrong date provided
HacksNewDKDC2018-07-05 20:57:23
HacksEditDKC Minimal Y Presses2018-03-26 14:13:03Update! In-game time fixed!
HacksEditDKC Minimal Y Presses2018-03-23 23:12:29Small description change.
HacksNewDKC Minimal Y Presses2018-03-23 09:10:19
ReviewsNewHacks - Donkey Kong Country - Competitive Edition2017-09-23 19:51:43