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UtilitiesEditGoonies 2 randomizer 11.02019-05-04 14:20:43added a gui and faster text option
UtilitiesEditGoonies 2 randomizer 10.02019-04-25 09:09:00new version with new options.
UtilitiesEditGoonies 2 randomizer 9.0d2016-12-20 22:42:30Previous empty rooms now has a chance to have hidden items. Items usually found in safes are swaped around with other items and NPCs. New options added to shorten talk and adding more NPCs.
UtilitiesEditMetroid 1 item randomizer 2.02016-12-20 07:43:27first version was only able to generate few different patterns. So this one should be a lot more fun.
UtilitiesNewMetroid 1 item randomizer 1.02016-12-17 23:08:20
UtilitiesEditGoonies 2 randomizer 5.02016-12-03 19:14:46lots of new features and bug fixes.
UtilitiesNewGoonies 2 randomizer 1.02016-11-24 07:42:08
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