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CreditsNewTranslations - Animetic Story Game 1: Cardcaptor Sakura2017-03-21 20:42:58
TranslationsNewAnimetic Story Game 1: Cardcaptor Sakura2017-03-21 14:17:18
GamesEditThe Legend of Dragoon2017-03-06 04:04:33Correct titlescreen screenshot resolution (384x480)
CommunityEditJurasskPark2017-02-19 16:39:40fix url
HacksNew999: Faster Text Speed2017-01-17 08:28:29
UtilitiesEditjPSXdec2017-01-09 16:32:08Updated download link the latest version and added the new website.
HelpAdsNewAnimetic Story Game 1: Card Captor Sakura2016-12-29 17:53:46
HacksEditLoD Rose's Are Red2016-12-16 19:29:24Updated to latest version
HacksEditLoD Battle Voice Undub2016-12-16 19:27:26Updated to latest version
HacksEditLoD Encounter Rate Bugfix and Modifier2016-12-16 19:22:28Updated to latest version
UtilitiesEditMRG Manager2016-11-06 21:15:58Updated to the latest version(now hopefully supporting every single MRG file in the game)
HacksEditLoD Rose's Are Red2016-11-06 04:57:01I somehow typed the wrong attack name.
HacksEditLoD Battle Voice Undub2016-11-04 01:25:56Updated mrg_manager, added UTF8 BOM to the readme to make the Japanese characters get displayed correctly when viewed directly through RHDN
HacksEditLoD Rose's Are Red2016-11-03 23:50:19updated mrg_manager
UtilitiesEditMRG Manager2016-11-03 23:49:23Corrected extraction command instructions
UtilitiesNewMRG Manager2016-11-03 19:08:58
HacksNewLoD Battle Voice Undub2016-11-03 18:56:52
HacksNewLoD Rose's Are Red2016-11-03 18:49:58
UtilitiesEditUMD Replace2016-11-02 17:35:40Updated to the latest version (supports 2GB+ files)
UtilitiesEditisopatch2016-11-01 21:29:20Changed platform to Windows (it is a Windows command line utility)
HacksEditLoD Encounter Rate Bugfix and Modifier2016-10-28 02:26:05Updated the README with a better explanation of the issue and a link to a better GameFAQs thread :)
HacksNewLoD Encounter Rate Bugfix and Modifier2016-10-25 17:58:00
UtilitiesEditDecEboot2016-09-27 17:13:32Updated to latest version(0.2 to 0.3)
HelpAdsNewAno Hi Mita Hana no Namae o Bokutachi wa Mada Shiranai.2016-09-23 14:31:48
HacksEditFFT Slowdown Fix and Unstretch Screen Patch2016-09-09 19:32:59Updated to the latest version (1.0 to 1.1, now it is easier to apply the patch)
UtilitiesNewgditools2016-09-05 18:45:36
UtilitiesEditDecEboot2016-09-03 15:16:25updated to 0.2(fixed Linux compilation)
UtilitiesNewDecEboot2016-09-02 11:06:55
UtilitiesEditXDelta2016-09-01 09:36:11Updated to the latest stable version(from 3.0.6 to 3.0.11)
DocumentsEditPlayStation Video Format (STR)2016-08-19 01:50:53Updated to the latest version of the file (from 1.0 to 1.1).
UtilitiesEditjPSXdec2016-08-19 01:34:51Updated to the latest version (bin+src).
TranslationsEditI/O: Revision II2016-08-16 21:18:40Lemnisca Translation removed the links to all their fan-translation patches because they are now involved in official translations. I don't know whether their patches can be distributed. If you need to read more:
UtilitiesNewUMDGen2016-08-16 21:16:02
TranslationsEditNever7: The End of Infinity2016-08-16 00:33:45Lemnisca Translations don't provide download links to their patches anymore. I don't know whether they can be re-hosted or not.
HacksNewBlack Borders to the Original Games2016-08-03 17:18:50
HacksNewSlowdown and Unstretch patch2016-08-03 09:28:56