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ReviewsNewHacks - Goonies II Revised Design2019-02-19 14:18:54
ReviewsNewHacks - Castlevania 2: Improved Controls2018-09-18 11:52:12
HacksEditDonkey Kong Redux2018-08-21 13:20:00Incorrectly labeled as complete - this should be an improvement.
HacksEditSuper Mario Bros.2 - Pokemon World2016-03-28 10:21:34Mislabeled as improvement
HacksEditGrandma Got Ran Over By a Reindeer2016-03-28 10:21:18Mislabeled as improvement
HacksEditWater Mario2016-03-28 10:20:02Mislabeled as improvement.
HacksEditCommunist Mario2016-03-28 10:19:33Mislabeled as improvement (gameplay changes do not reflect the original intent or feel of the game)
HacksEditCharlie Brown2016-03-28 10:18:29Mislabeled as improvement
HacksEditCarnage2016-03-28 10:17:41Mislabeled as improvement
HacksEditNintendo Vs. Capcom2016-03-28 10:16:26Mislabeled as improvement
HacksEditNEW Super Mario Bros. 3 (1988)2016-03-28 10:15:48Mislabeled as improvement
ReviewsNewHacks - The Legend of Zelda - Modern Classic Edition2016-03-28 10:15:14
HacksEditSuper Mario Brothers Shroom Trip2016-03-25 11:58:31Mislabeled as improvement
HacksEditSpiderman 22016-03-25 11:16:38Mislabeled as improvement
HacksEditPhred's Cool Punch Out 2 - Turbo!!2016-03-25 11:14:41Mislabeled as improvement
HacksEditMega Man 5: Advanced Edition2016-03-25 10:40:52Mislabeled as improvement
HacksEditRockman 4: Minus Infinity2016-03-25 10:35:54Mislabeled as improvement
HacksEditCastlevania - Fan Edition2016-03-25 09:05:33Mislabeled as improvement
HacksEditRisker2016-03-24 18:53:15Mislabeled as improvement
HacksEditDungeons of Hyrule2016-03-24 18:32:41Mislabeled as improvement
HacksEditCastlevania II - Vengence on Hell2016-03-24 18:31:23Mislabeled as improvement
HacksEditCastlevania - Curse Of Suffering2016-03-24 18:26:57Mislabeled as improvement
HacksEditCastlevania - Slumber Of Darkness2016-03-24 18:25:18Mislabeled as improvement
HacksEditCastlevania Extreme2016-03-24 18:23:59Mislabeled as improvement
HacksEditCastlevania - Shadows2016-03-24 18:22:24Mislabeled as improvement
HacksEditCastlevania - Dracula's Revenge2016-03-24 18:21:42Mislabeled as improvement
HacksEditCastlevania - Poisonous Offering2016-03-24 18:20:12Mislabeled as improvement
HacksEditCastlevania - Skels Revenge2016-03-24 18:19:28Was mislabeled as improvement
HacksEditCastlevania - Opposing Bloodlines2016-03-24 18:14:44Hack was mislabled as improvement