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TranslationsEditOgre Battle: The March of the Black Queen2018-09-20 18:46:59Fixed bug on demo play text.
TranslationsEditOgre Battle: The March of the Black Queen2018-09-14 20:57:36Updated menus to use lower case letters and fixed some minor issues.
TranslationsNewDensetsu no Ogre Battle (NP)2018-09-11 21:31:35
FontsEditFinS 8x8 fonts2014-03-23 11:13:05Fixed error with Amstrad font
FontsNewFinS 8x8 fonts2014-03-22 23:24:51
FontsNewFinS 8x16 fonts2014-03-22 23:19:35
AbandonedEditYamato Takeru2014-03-09 00:41:15Removed the rom from the package.
AbandonedEditLight Fantasy 22014-03-09 00:40:07Removed the rom from the package.
DocumentsNewRandom Number Generator for SNES2014-03-02 16:01:21
UtilitiesEditSNEStuff2012-02-28 20:23:58
UtilitiesEditOgre Battle LZSS2011-09-06 19:21:49
UtilitiesEditImpaled2011-08-26 16:31:03
UtilitiesNewImpaled2011-08-25 18:54:22
UtilitiesNewXA652011-04-17 20:06:58
UtilitiesEditOgre Battle LZSS2011-04-13 21:36:21
UtilitiesEditOgre Battle LZSS2011-04-12 20:27:32
UtilitiesEdit24=152011-04-09 19:30:41
UtilitiesNew24=152011-04-08 21:54:03
UtilitiesNewOgre Battle Lzss2011-02-20 14:12:15
HacksNewOgre Battle gameplay fixes2010-05-16 18:36:25
HacksEditOgre Battle Army Balancing Mod2010-04-01 02:11:45
HacksEditOgre Battle Army Balancing Mod2009-12-02 10:38:22
HacksEditOgre Battle Army Balancing Mod2009-12-01 21:27:56
HacksEditOgre Battle Army Balancing Mod2009-11-16 09:22:55
HacksEditOgre Battle Army Balancing Mod2009-11-05 10:18:04
HacksEditOgre Battle Army Balancing Mod2009-11-02 10:27:25
HacksEditOgre Battle Army Balancing Mod2009-11-01 10:04:28
HacksNewOgre Battle Army Balancing Mod2009-10-28 21:21:36