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GamesEditJuuouki2017-08-27 17:42:18I felt the bio was a bit misguided by calling it a "stripped down" port, considering it actually has more content than the other versions. Also, the "furry hentai" comment felt kind of offensive.
ReviewsEditHacks - Rockman 3 - Speed Bound2017-02-05 10:14:12I had a minor complaint.
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ReviewsEditHacks - Rockman 5 - Luckyman 12014-02-20 10:33:49I had more to add.
ReviewsNewHacks - Rockman 5 - Luckyman 12014-02-06 20:17:45
ReviewsNewHacks - Rockman 3 - Claw2014-01-03 18:27:12
CreditsNewHacks - Megaman 3 Ridley X VS Gamma2012-12-28 19:19:05
HacksNewMegaman 3 Ridley X VS Gamma2012-12-23 19:05:42
ReviewsEditHacks - Rockman 4: Minus Infinity2012-10-24 17:34:20I edited out the Yellow Park part because Pharoh Man's theme was one of the better ones.
ReviewsNewHacks - Rockman 4: Minus Infinity2012-03-29 22:49:33
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