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HacksEditHyper Metroid (Nintendit 1.4)2017-11-13 19:25:17Version 1.4 (Final)
HacksEditHyper Metroid (Nintendit 1.3)2017-11-11 08:07:27File update (palette fix)
HacksEditHyper Metroid (Nintendit 1.3)2017-11-07 20:22:34Version 1.3
HacksEditHyper Metroid (Nintendit 1.2)2017-10-31 12:57:42Fixed typo in description.
HacksEditHyper Metroid (Nintendit 1.2)2017-10-26 14:36:45Updated a link in the readme(s)
HacksEditHyper Metroid (Nintendit 1.2)2017-10-24 14:18:08Updated description and screenshots.
HacksEditHyper Metroid (Nintendit 1.2)2017-10-21 18:53:27Version 1.2
HacksEditHyper Metroid (Nintendit 1.0)2017-10-15 14:50:531.1 Update
CreditsNewHacks - Hyper Metroid (Nintendit 1.0)2017-10-15 11:18:31
HacksNewHyper Metroid (Nintendit 1.0)2017-10-14 17:04:05
ReviewsNewHacks - Super Probotector: Alien Rebels Code Restoration2017-10-02 08:09:21
HacksEditSuper Street Fighter II Palette Correction2016-03-14 17:10:001.1 Update
HacksNewSuper Metroid Project Base 7.2 (Nintendit 1.57)2016-03-12 12:21:05
HacksNewSuper Street Fighter II Palette Correction2016-02-05 14:21:14