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DocumentsNewRygar Data2018-11-29 16:09:44
NewsNewCastlevania: The Holy Relics... Released!2017-12-07 18:19:47
CreditsEditHacks - Castlevania: The Holy Relics2017-12-07 17:15:44To acknowledge the graphical contributions of others for this hack.
HacksEditCastlevania: The Holy Relics2017-12-07 17:09:25updates patch to from version 0.99 to version 1.0 to fix a significant problem; readme file also slightly updated to reflect the change.
HacksNewCastlevania: The Holy Relics2017-12-03 15:00:04
CreditsNewHacks - CastleVania 52017-10-26 11:49:21
DocumentsNewCastlevania 2 Sprite Data2013-04-30 09:08:44
HacksEditGuardian Legend Secret Edition2013-02-24 10:54:54This update includes an extra set of hints to help the player
HacksEditGuardian Legend Secret Edition2013-01-27 15:15:47Update 1 last glicth fix, text on title screen, and text in ending.
HacksEditGuardian Legend Secret Edition2013-01-04 22:42:42Fix critical glitch on Final Boss; Final Version.
HacksEditGuardian Legend Secret Edition2012-10-13 23:54:07Updated, New Version
HacksEditGuardian Legend Secret2011-08-07 17:04:35
HacksNewSimon's Quest: Lame Edition2010-11-09 22:20:19
HacksNewGuardian Legend Secret2010-03-20 06:03:29
CommunityEditOptomon2007-12-01 19:44:33
HacksEditCastlevania: Chorus of Mysteries2007-10-14 15:12:45
DocumentsNewCastlevania Enemy Data2007-10-02 23:24:08