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Sylvan Tale Mickey to Donald: Magical Adventure 3 Star Wars Wind -a breath of heart-

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HacksEditKirby's Adventure UFO Fix2017-08-01 04:52:40Fixed PRG1 version of patch
HacksEditGO! Dizzy GO! HARD2015-11-25 08:05:39Added missing Patching and ROM information.
HacksEditBlock'o Coin Mario2015-11-25 08:02:47Added missing Patching and ROM information
HacksEditNekketsu Kakutou Densetsu ULTRA2015-11-25 07:20:33Added missing Patching and ROM information.
HacksEditKirby's Adventure UFO Fix2015-11-25 07:14:51Added missing Patching and ROM information
HacksEditDream World Pogie Revival2015-11-25 06:50:28Filled missing Patching and ROM information.
HacksNewSuper Mario Bros 3-Item Slot hack.2013-11-15 09:11:01
HacksNewDream World Pogie Revival2012-06-03 06:59:00
TranslationsNewExciteBike2011-12-13 15:52:00
TranslationsNewSuper Mario Bros.2011-12-11 09:17:08
HacksEditBlock'o Coin Mario2011-01-29 19:22:36
HacksNewBlock'o Coin Mario2011-01-29 16:45:19
HacksNewNekketsu Kakutou Densetsu ULTRA2010-12-04 07:48:18
HacksEditGO! Dizzy GO! HARD2010-09-25 13:06:23
HacksEditGO! Dizzy GO! HARD2010-09-23 05:37:25
HacksNewGO! Dizzy GO! HARD2010-09-14 17:31:04