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CommunityEditSpinner 82018-05-08 19:41:32Removing a no-longer-valid link
GamesEditXak III: The Eternal Recurrence2018-03-27 23:25:44Removing wholly inadequate and embarrassing 2003-era pre-translation review. Replaced it with a nice summary of the game from the patch readme.
HacksEditHyper Metroid (Nintendit 1.0)2017-10-16 21:05:25Complete - Addendum
HacksEditSuper ASCII Bros.2017-10-13 18:30:48release date
TranslationsEditHagane no Renkinjutsushi: Meisou no Rinbukyoku2017-10-01 20:06:08Changing category back. The game is indeed fully translated - see
HacksEditBattletoads - Bugfix2017-09-29 20:10:51The description says "see the readme" but no readme was linked... smh
GamesEditDragon Quest VI: Maboroshi no Daichi2017-09-10 04:45:44Cut the GameFAQs-style review layout and trimmed some unnecessary stuff. It's still way too long, but at least it's over half as long as it was before
GamesEditFire Emblem: Fuuin no Tsurugi2017-07-30 03:13:59Heavily edited review to be less overly long and GameFAQs-y
HacksEditAir Contra2017-07-28 18:52:16Changed author and release date, rewrote description and re-uploaded patch only (no need for patch+translation)
CommunityNewCx42017-07-25 20:01:02
HacksNoncompliantFinal Match Tennis Ladies2017-07-25 19:42:19This is just a conversion of one ROM to another one, with several already widely available patches applied after the fact:
TranslationsNoncompliantSin and Punishment: Successor of the Earth2017-07-22 14:06:16This is the same patch as Zoinkity's translation (same checksum). It's noncompliant because (while *awesome*) it technically isn't a translation, it just replaces textures in the N64 ROM with textures from the English-language Virtual Console package, with some font changes. If you think it should belong here that's fine, but everything would need to be replaced, including the released by, released date, and the patch itself.
TranslationsEditFire Emblem: Ankoku Ryu to Hikari no Tsurugi2017-07-20 20:13:50Fixed readme (though beta 4 didn't have a readme... this is from beta 3) and corrected release date
TranslationsEditFinal Fantasy II2017-07-12 17:17:17Moving this back to Addendum. While this is an extensive project with lots of work done to it, the readme specifically states that this is based off of the Neo Demiforce translation
TranslationsEdit4 Nin Uchi Mahjong2017-07-09 12:16:46Added No-Intro ROM name
HacksEditMario Gear - Mushroom Eater2017-06-07 19:03:01Repackaged the ZIP file:
TranslationsEditSD Snatcher (MSX2)2017-05-21 01:10:53The provided patch is a demo only - changed the version number and rewrote the description for clarity.
CommunityEditFudeba Software2017-05-08 10:56:36URL
TranslationsEditSnatcher (MSX2)2017-05-08 10:52:18Rewrote description - it was out of date since the ZIP file was updated with new patches. Also removed redundant MSX files from the ZIP
TranslationsEditNangoku Shounen Papuwa-Kun: Ganmadan no Yabou2017-04-02 18:39:14Fixed zip file
TranslationsNoncompliantBandit Kings of Ancient China2017-03-29 13:38:31This should be listed as a hack, or maybe a partial translation. Classifying this as a "fully playable" translation is misleading at best. Resubmitted as Hack:
CommunityEditacediez2017-03-10 13:02:41add URL
TranslationsEditVirtual Fishing2017-02-20 12:48:51Changing status to Fully Playable after 1.0 release
TranslationsEditSuper Robot Wars Alpha Gaiden2017-02-16 17:16:35This is unfinished, according to the readme and description
HacksEditStarTropics (Music Fix)2017-02-09 09:08:37Added readme
TranslationsEditFamicom Wars2017-02-01 12:14:25Added link to addendum
TranslationsEditFamicom Wars2017-02-01 12:11:47Added a hyperlink
TranslationsEditTobal 22017-01-29 20:47:26Combined both patches into a single archive. Minor review cleanup. Resized images for compliance - they really should be redone eventually though. Watermarks???
TranslationsEditTales of Phantasia2017-01-29 18:32:00Review cleanup. Removed old patch and linked to addendum
TranslationsEditShodai Nekketsu Kouha Kunio-kun2017-01-29 18:27:10Review cleanup. Removed link to old patch that was inexplicably still here
TranslationsEditBishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon: Another Story2017-01-29 18:24:58Review cleanup. Removed external link and added addendum patches. Also I don't know who removed all my screenshots that were here originally and replaced them with three screens from seriously the first two minutes of the game. Very frustrating. Why do I bother
TranslationsEditFront Mission2017-01-29 14:09:27Removed external link to 4MB expansion patch. Probably not needed anymore (?)
TranslationsEditFire Emblem: Seisen no Keifu2017-01-29 14:08:16Changed external link to point to the same file on Dark Twilkitri's site. I'm sure he won't mind
TranslationsEditFire Emblem: Seisen no Keifu2017-01-29 14:05:58Review cleanup and removed the giant in-line changelog that took up like a page and a half
TranslationsEditBurning Pro Wrestling2017-01-29 14:01:16Added wrestler SRAM to patch - this was previously available separately
GamesEditBahamut Lagoon2017-01-29 13:56:53Review cleanup. Removed some color commentary
TranslationsEditBahamut Lagoon2017-01-29 13:54:32Review cleanup
TranslationsEditIke Ike! Nekketsu Hockey Bu: Subette Koronde Dairantou2017-01-29 13:53:41Review cleanup and linked to addendum patch
TranslationsEditMinna no Taabou no Nakayoshi Daisakusen2017-01-29 13:48:45Review cleanup
TranslationsEditRent a Hero2017-01-29 13:38:13Recompiled custom patch to IPS format. You no longer have to dig out DOSBOX to use this patch and play three minutes of translated dialogue
TranslationsEditSuper Chinese Fighter EX2017-01-29 13:08:39Removed reference to credits.txt. It's already in the zip archive, no idea why it's linked externally
GamesEditFarland Story 62017-01-29 03:44:14Slight review edit
GamesEditFarland Story 52017-01-29 03:43:53Slight review edit
GamesEditFarland Story 42017-01-29 03:43:26Slight edit
GamesEditSquare no Tom Sawyer2017-01-29 03:42:07Redoing game review to remove embarrassing relic Whirlpool writing
TranslationsEditDragon Quest VI: Maboroshi no Daichi2017-01-29 03:37:01Rewriting translation entry to get rid of unnecessary patches. Version A is (probably) the only one you need
TranslationsEditDragon Quest I+II2017-01-28 20:21:50Combined patches into one zip - the DQ1+2 patches in transextra can be deleted now. Also cleaned up the text to remove the ridiculous UPDATE: UPDATE: nonsense
HacksEditFinal Fantasy Tactics: Emergence2017-01-24 11:35:15Here's me, adding another readme
HacksEditBugs Bunny Crazy Castle Atarisized, The2017-01-19 12:51:10Misspelling
TranslationsEditLast Legion UX2017-01-19 01:14:55Added readme
TranslationsEditMoero Yakyuuken2017-01-11 20:38:44ROM info updated - this patch doesn't work with a verified No-Intro ROM
TranslationsEditTear Ring Saga2016-12-19 11:25:37Description rewrite for clarity
CommunityEdittheColorsGuy2016-12-08 15:37:27Linked forum account
HacksEditP.O.W.: Prisoners of War - Two Players Hack2016-12-07 12:13:40Added readme and updated release date.
TranslationsEditFinal Fantasy II2016-12-07 12:10:37Changing this back to Addendum. The script is new and additional hacking was done, but the project uses the Neo Demiforce translation as a base (see readme).
TranslationsEditBleach: Versus Crusade2016-12-03 00:56:05Unfinished, according to the description
TranslationsEditFinal Match Tennis2016-11-08 15:09:37This is unfinished, according to the readme
TranslationsNoncompliantTales of Phantasia2016-10-29 18:01:47It's a partial translation of a game that was officially released in English, that was released before the official release. It was only intended to translate the game since it was assumed that Namco wouldn't, and it's incomplete, so it's not even a good alternative to the awful official translation. It's been made irrelevant.
GamesEditIke Ike! Nekketsu Hockey Bu: Subette Koronde Dairantou2016-10-29 17:48:23Removed personal anecdote from game review
HacksEditLegend of Zelda Challenge Outlands- Zed Edition2016-10-28 16:43:00Removing readme - this is just the original Zelda Outlands readme, and is not included with this patch anyways
TranslationsEditChameleon Twist2016-10-27 16:49:36Added readme
TranslationsEditSukeban Deka III2016-10-21 01:54:18ROM info
TranslationsEditBomberman 64 (Japan)2016-10-20 12:52:32added readme.
TranslationsEditDie Hard2016-10-14 11:30:42ROM info and description cleanup
CommunityEditNightWolve2016-09-12 16:50:26Removing the description because it's unnecessarily rude. Nothing in there is worth keeping
GamesEditBubble Bobble2016-08-07 22:30:39removing redundant (ARC) from title
TranslationsEditNintendo World Cup2016-07-21 10:06:44Changing status to "unfinished"
DocumentsNoncompliantZelda3 IQ test Guide2016-07-09 01:29:20This is a game solution/walkthrough, and isn't related to the activity of ROM hacking in and of itself. I was serious about that HackFAQs idea, there's no place online for walkthroughs on ROM hacks to go so it would be neat to have. Blaze your own path!
CommunityEditNick and Aya2016-06-08 20:19:13edit URL
TranslationsEditFront Mission 5: Scars of the War2016-04-01 00:28:40Added patch and readme.
GamesEditFinal Fantasy III2016-03-22 09:24:48Removing review
GamesEditLittle Master: Nijiiro no Maseki2016-03-21 19:59:33Review cleanup
GamesEditArmed Dragon Fantasy Villgust2016-03-21 19:58:19Review cleanup
GamesEditFinal Fantasy III2016-03-21 19:55:50Review cleanup
TranslationsEditTenchi Muyo!: Game Hen2016-03-21 19:54:06Review cleanup
GamesEditDragon Ball Z: Assault of the Saiyans2016-03-21 19:52:58Review cleanup
TranslationsEditMonster World IV2016-03-17 15:55:32Changed status from "Fully Playable" to "Addendum"
CommunityEditaishsha2016-03-14 15:45:20added http to link
TranslationsNewFamicom Wars2016-02-29 23:33:33
HacksEditDragon Warrior Monsters 2: All monsters2016-02-19 22:32:44added readme.
HacksEditBreath of Fire Text Cleanup2016-02-19 22:26:23some clarity/cleanup on the ROM info
TranslationsEditTales of Phantasia2015-05-08 23:51:05Details!
TranslationsNewTales of Phantasia2015-04-27 23:28:45
CommunityEditBeckey2014-01-27 21:55:32name misspelled
TranslationsEditDragon Ball Z III: Killer Androids2013-06-01 16:28:03how about some screen captures and the newest patch (and a new description)
GamesEditResident Evil (Prototype)2013-06-01 15:41:50The RE Proto bugfix was attached to the wrong game (Resident Evil Gaiden). I didn't see how to create a game, but RE:G doesn't have any info anyways
TranslationsEditDeep Dungeon IV: Kuro no Youjutsushi2013-06-01 15:26:51Updated patch and huge readme. Why did I write so much
CreditsNewTranslations - Bishoujo Sexy Derby2013-06-01 13:37:11
ReviewsEditGames - Dragon Ball Z II: The Fury of Lord Freeza2013-04-05 19:18:25new review. I just realized I used the word "I" and alluded to a personal anecdote; please feel free to drag me away in chains
ReviewsEditGames - Dragon Ball Z: Assault of the Saiyans2013-03-08 21:45:50longer!
ReviewsEditGames - Dragon Ball Z III: Killer Androids2013-02-21 18:23:49one down, I guess?
TranslationsNewDragon Ball Z: Goku Gekitouden2012-06-23 16:25:48
CreditsNewTranslations - Doraemon Kart2012-06-23 15:07:29
CreditsNewTranslations - Detective Conan - Karakuri Temple M2012-06-23 15:03:20
CreditsNewTranslations - Daisenryaku2012-06-23 15:02:34
CreditsNewTranslations - Booby Boys2012-06-23 15:00:44
CreditsNewTranslations - Angel Marlowe2012-06-23 14:58:42
CreditsNewTranslations - Angel Marlowe2012-06-23 14:57:44
CreditsNewTranslations - Adventures of Arle2012-06-23 14:55:48
CreditsNewTranslations - Bomberman GB 32012-06-23 02:58:21
CreditsNewTranslations - Block Kuzushi GB2012-06-23 02:56:55
CreditsNewTranslations - Beast Wars2012-06-23 02:55:02
CreditsEditTranslations - Angel Marlowe2012-06-23 02:53:41Added credits from the Evolutions translation, which this project used as a base.
TranslationsEditAdventures of Arle2012-06-23 02:48:06Added Vida Translations. This project was a joint effort between the two groups before Vida Translations continued the project themselves.
CreditsNewTranslations - Adventures of Arle2012-06-23 02:46:32
CreditsNewTranslations - Adventures of Arle2012-06-23 02:45:49
CreditsNewTranslations - Adventures of Arle2012-06-23 02:44:35
CreditsNewTranslations - Adventures of Arle2012-06-23 02:43:56
CreditsNewTranslations - Adventures of Arle2012-06-23 02:42:02
CreditsNewTranslations - Riddle of Murasame Castle2012-06-09 15:49:12
TranslationsEditRiddle of Murasame Castle2012-06-09 15:47:43new(er) patch
GamesEditThe Mysterious Murasame Castle2012-06-09 15:42:09primary name change
TranslationsEditAdvanced Military Commander2010-09-20 13:58:01
TranslationsEditTenchi Muyo!2010-09-14 11:06:17
TranslationsEditSaya no Uta2010-09-10 20:58:55
TranslationsEditSeirei Gari2010-09-10 20:56:18
TranslationsEditStar Platinum2010-09-10 04:22:08
GamesEditStar Platinum2010-09-10 04:04:31
TranslationsEditSeirei Gari2010-09-09 20:09:54
TranslationsEditSD Snatcher (MSX2)2010-09-09 19:52:43
TranslationsEditSaya no Uta2010-09-09 19:50:26
HacksEditControl Freak2010-09-09 01:38:39
TranslationsEditGrand Master2010-09-06 13:51:10
ReviewsEditGames - Shin Megami Tensei Devil Children: Black B2010-08-01 05:46:46
GamesEditWinning Eleven World Soccer2010-07-30 21:11:41
TranslationsEditSylvanian Families - The Fairyland Pendant2010-06-24 03:47:10
TranslationsEditSpooky Kitaro in the Yokai World2010-06-24 03:40:29
TranslationsEditSpooky Kitaro 2: Kitaro vs. Yokai Army2010-06-24 03:39:34
TranslationsEditSnowboard Champions2010-06-24 03:36:45
TranslationsEditSilva Saga2010-06-24 03:33:08
TranslationsEditSaya no Uta2010-06-24 03:26:07
TranslationsEditRed Riding Hood Cha Cha Cha2010-06-24 03:16:02
TranslationsEditPsychic Force 20122010-06-24 03:14:30
TranslationsEditPhantasy Star 2: Shilka’s Adventure2010-06-24 02:48:35
TranslationsEditPhantasy Star 2: Anne's Adventure2010-06-24 02:48:00
TranslationsEditPerfect Cherry Blossom2010-06-24 02:43:26
TranslationsEditPeacock King2010-06-24 02:34:30
TranslationsEditNinja Jajamaru2010-06-23 20:02:07
TranslationsEditMother 32010-06-23 19:52:39
TranslationsEditMaison Ikkoku2010-06-23 19:45:55
TranslationsEditLive a Live2010-06-20 20:13:33
TranslationsEditLive a Live2010-06-20 20:12:32
TranslationsEditLittle Magic2010-06-20 20:11:37
TranslationsEditLangrisser II2010-06-20 20:09:31
TranslationsEditKunio Kun Nekketsu Soccer League2010-06-20 20:05:56
TranslationsEditKonami World2010-06-20 20:04:07
ReviewsEditGames - Kart Fighter2010-06-20 19:55:08
CommunityEditSyd's Translations2010-06-20 19:51:34
TranslationsEditJesus: Kyoufu no Bio Monster2010-06-20 19:49:52
TranslationsEditJajamaru no Gekimadden2010-06-20 19:48:05
TranslationsEditIfrit2010-06-20 19:45:10
TranslationsEditEngage to Jabberwock2010-06-20 19:42:21
TranslationsEditImperishable Night2010-06-20 19:39:49
TranslationsEditIllusion City (MSX TurboR)2010-06-20 19:38:21
TranslationsEditI'm Kid Dracula!2010-06-20 19:32:20
TranslationsEditHoshi Wo Sagashite: The Story of Mio2010-06-15 01:04:53
TranslationsEditHonoo No Toukyuuji - Dodge Danpei2010-06-15 01:02:05
TranslationsEditGravity Armor Metal Storm2010-06-15 00:56:27
TranslationsEditGlory of Heracles III2010-06-15 00:55:08
TranslationsEditGleylancer2010-06-15 00:54:00
TranslationsEditGetsufuuma Densetsu2010-06-15 00:53:13
TranslationsEditGanbare Goemon 22010-06-15 00:50:42
TranslationsEditGanbare Goemon (MSX2)2010-06-15 00:48:47
TranslationsEditFront Mission 5: Scars of the War2010-06-15 00:42:32
TranslationsEditFist of the North Star2010-06-15 00:36:48
TranslationsEditFire Emblem Gaiden2010-06-15 00:34:12
TranslationsEditFire Emblem 3 - Mystery of the Emblem2010-06-15 00:30:43
TranslationsEditFire Emblem - Thracia 7762010-06-15 00:28:26
TranslationsEditFinal Fantasy Mystic Quest2010-06-15 00:22:22
TranslationsEditFinal Fantasy III2010-06-15 00:20:06
TranslationsEditFEDA: The Emblem of Justice2010-06-15 00:17:49
TranslationsEditFarland Story2010-06-15 00:10:39
TranslationsEditEngage to Jabberwock2010-06-15 00:08:34
TranslationsEditElysion2010-06-15 00:06:58
TranslationsEditEien no Filena2010-06-14 23:58:57
TranslationsEditEgypt2010-06-14 23:57:48
TranslationsEditDream Penguin Adventure2010-06-13 17:10:25
TranslationsEditDragon Slayer Jr. - Romancia (MSX2)2010-06-13 17:08:22
TranslationsEditDragon Slayer Jr. - Romancia (MSX1)2010-06-13 17:06:59
TranslationsEditDragon Slayer IV - Drasle Family (MSX2)2010-06-13 17:05:30
TranslationsEditDragon Ball Z: Hyper Dimension2010-06-13 16:59:33
TranslationsEditDragon Ball Z Gaiden: Plans to Eliminate the Saiya2010-06-13 16:55:50
TranslationsEditDragon Ball Z 3: Violent Battle Against the Androi2010-06-13 16:55:18
TranslationsEditDie Bahnwelt2010-06-13 16:51:44
TranslationsEditCross Hermit ~Welcome to the Farthest~2010-06-13 16:45:23
TranslationsEditColumbus2010-06-13 16:43:06
TranslationsEditChrono Trigger2010-06-13 16:41:56
TranslationsEditChrono Trigger2010-06-13 16:41:25
TranslationsEditCastle Quest2010-06-13 16:39:14
TranslationsEditBS Super Mario USA2010-06-13 16:35:53
TranslationsEditBreath of Fire II2010-06-13 16:34:28
TranslationsEditBrave Battle Saga - Legend of the Magic Warrior2010-06-13 16:33:26
TranslationsEditArmed Dragon Fantasy Villgust2010-06-13 16:24:57
TranslationsEditAdvanced Daisenryaku 20012010-06-13 16:12:07
TranslationsEditFinal Fantasy I+II2010-03-03 01:23:35
TranslationsEditCaptain Tsubasa2010-03-03 01:17:32
TranslationsEditPhoenix - Gao's Adventure2010-03-03 01:14:05
TranslationsEditSqoon2010-03-03 01:12:07
TranslationsEditWagyan Land2009-11-14 19:26:11
GamesEditAkuma-kun - Makai no Wana2009-07-31 19:32:23
ReviewsNewGames - Akuma-kun - Makai no Wana2009-07-31 19:30:26
TranslationsEditSnatcher2009-07-05 03:13:24
TranslationsEditSD Snatcher2009-07-05 03:04:03
TranslationsEditParodius2009-07-05 02:58:01
TranslationsEditMetal Gear 2: Solid Snake2009-07-05 02:48:02
TranslationsEditAleste2009-07-05 02:36:11
TranslationsEditYs III - Wanderers from Ys2009-07-05 02:28:33
TranslationsEditYs II - Ancient Ys Vanished The Final Chapter2009-07-05 02:23:55
TranslationsEditYs - Ancient Ys Vanished Omen2009-07-05 02:19:09
CommunityEditSpinner 8 and friends2009-07-05 02:08:43
CommunityEditDragonsbrethren2008-06-08 02:15:20
CommunityEditTransGen2008-06-02 05:56:12