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TranslationsEditChaos Seed: Fuusui Kairouki2019-12-10 02:39:41Added missing readme file.
ReviewsNewHacks - Schala Edition2019-12-10 02:32:31
TranslationsEditRecord of Lodoss War2019-12-10 02:04:27Missing readme file and name in ROM/ISO info.
TranslationsEditNekketsu Tairiku Burning Heroes2019-12-10 01:58:03Added missing readme file.
NewsNewRanma 1/2 Romanian version released!2019-12-04 13:08:46
TranslationsEditSilva Saga II: The Legend of Light and Darkness2019-12-04 13:01:50Added the missing readme text file.
CommunityEditRecca2019-12-04 12:58:42Added a description.
CreditsEditTranslations - Ranma 1/2: Chougi Ranbu Hen2019-12-04 12:49:38Missing contributor in credits (Taskforce - Graphics).
TranslationsNewRanma 1/2: Chougi Ranbu Hen2019-12-03 15:18:47
HacksEditThe Burdened Crown2019-11-30 02:28:36Updated to patch version 1.3.0.
ReviewsNewHacks - The Burdened Crown2019-11-30 02:13:35
CreditsNewTranslations - Fire Emblem: Thracia 7762019-06-07 01:42:44
GamesEditDoor Door2019-06-06 06:38:30Missing description and alternate title. Wrong release date.
GamesEditBattle City2019-06-06 06:22:08Missing description/wrong publisher.
GamesEditHellfire2019-06-06 06:04:17Missing description.
GamesEditThe Steel Empire2019-06-06 05:55:06Missing description.
GamesEditFighting Force2019-06-06 05:22:31Missing description.
GamesEditAce Combat Advance2019-06-06 05:09:17Missing description.
GamesEditCaliber Fifty2019-06-06 04:58:40Missing description.
CreditsNewTranslations - F-Zero - Climax2019-05-23 00:14:43
TranslationsNewF-Zero - Climax2019-05-21 08:57:09
HomebrewNewAnguna DS2019-01-17 03:17:21
HomebrewNewAnguna2019-01-17 03:06:39
ReviewsNewHacks - Fire Emblem: Order of the Crimson Arm2018-12-16 14:17:09
ReviewsNewHomebrew - Retroid2018-09-12 12:49:21
ReviewsNewHacks - Fire Emblem: Fallen King2018-06-11 13:26:48
ReviewsNewHacks - SOR2 - International Action Heroes2018-04-25 17:04:46
ReviewsNewTranslations - Dragon Ball Z: Super Saiya Densetsu2018-04-25 15:40:39
ReviewsNewHacks - Fire Emblem: The Road to Ruin2017-12-20 11:44:27
ReviewsNewHacks - Fire Emblem: Requiem2017-07-30 10:48:07
ReviewsNewHacks - Final Fantasy Tactics Advance: Anarchy2017-02-23 18:14:21
ReviewsNewHacks - Easier 7th Saga2016-10-02 15:44:26
NewsNewLa Wares Romanian version released!2015-11-23 20:53:48
CreditsNewTranslations - Shin Seikoku: La Wares2015-11-23 20:27:34
TranslationsNewShin Seikoku: La Wares2015-11-22 22:33:36
GamesEditTaito Chase H.Q.2015-11-20 11:55:05Missing publisher and release date.
TranslationsEditRanma Nibunnoichi: Akanekodan Teki Hihou2015-10-19 13:57:59Missing Patching Information and ROM/ISO Information.
TranslationsEditKouryuu Densetsu Villgust: Kieta Shoujo2015-10-19 13:54:25Missing ROM/ISO Information.
TranslationsEditNekketsu Tairiku Burning Heroes2015-10-19 13:50:52Missing Patching Information and ROM/ISO Information.
TranslationsEditMystic Ark2015-10-19 13:48:15Missing Patching Information and ROM/ISO Information.
TranslationsEditSlayers2015-10-19 13:45:19Missing Patching Information and ROM/ISO Information.
GamesEditKingdom Hearts 358/2 Days2015-10-19 13:39:29Missing Publisher and Release Date.
GamesEditTaleSpin2015-10-19 13:37:49Missing Publisher and Release Date.
GamesEditKirby Super Star Ultra2015-10-19 13:33:27Missing Alternate Title (Japanese). Missing Publisher. Missing Release Date.
TranslationsEditChrono Trigger2015-09-28 16:44:43- Added ROM/ISO Information. - Added two more screenshots (Images 3 and 4).
GamesEditSuper Mario Advance 3: Yoshi's Island2015-09-24 02:03:341. Missing Publisher. 2. Missing Release Date.
GamesEditShadow of the Beast 22014-12-29 02:44:01Missing publisher/release date.
GamesEditJoe & Mac2014-12-29 02:39:24Missing publisher/release date.
ReviewsNewHacks - The Last Promise2014-12-29 02:35:03
CreditsNewTranslations - Chaos Seed2014-04-15 19:09:50
CreditsNewTranslations - Slayers2014-04-14 11:00:56
CreditsNewTranslations - Silva Saga II: The Legend of Light 2014-04-14 10:53:16
CreditsNewTranslations - Destiny of an Emperor 2: The Story 2014-04-14 10:37:05
NewsNewSilva Saga II Romanian version released!2014-04-13 10:16:25
CreditsNewTranslations - Silva Saga II: The Legend of Light 2014-04-13 10:02:11
GamesEditRockman EXE 6 Falzar2014-04-13 09:37:13Missing alternate title, publisher and release date.
GamesEditAkumajou Densetsu2014-04-13 09:32:28Missing alternate title, publisher and release date.
TranslationsEditSilva Saga II: The Legend of Light and Darkness2014-04-12 17:06:39Added patching and ROM/ISO information.
TranslationsNewSilva Saga II: The Legend of Light and Darkness2014-04-12 17:03:03
GamesEditBattletoads & Double Dragon - The Ultimate Tea2014-03-11 18:58:40Missing publisher and release date.
GamesEditShinobi2014-01-02 09:42:09Missing publisher and release date.
GamesEditDonkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest2013-01-28 13:52:42Missing publihser/release date
GamesEditKirby's Dream Course2013-01-05 10:52:33Missing alternate title/publisher/release date
GamesEditKirby's Block Ball2013-01-05 10:49:39Missing alternate title/publisher/release date
GamesEditSolomon's Key2012-12-25 05:24:56Missing publisher/release date
GamesEditSonic Drift 22012-12-25 05:22:31Missing publisher/release date
CreditsNewTranslations - Phantasy Star Gaiden2012-11-28 00:57:28
CreditsNewTranslations - Villgust2012-11-28 00:54:26
CreditsNewTranslations - FEDA: The Emblem of Justice2012-11-28 00:51:15
CreditsNewTranslations - Burning Heroes2012-11-27 20:34:56
GamesEditChrono Trigger2012-11-27 20:19:04Missing alternate title
CommunityEditRecca2012-11-27 20:12:09Added forum name/link/language/active/logo
GamesEditTeenage Mutant Ninja Turtles IV: Turtles in Time2012-11-27 11:27:34Missing publisher/release date
GamesEditGo! Go! Cosmo Cops!2012-11-27 11:25:50Missing publisher/release date
GamesEditDatach - Crayon Shin Chan - Ora to Poi Poi2012-11-27 11:23:39Missing publisher/release date
GamesEditSuper Star Force: Jikuureki no Himitsu2012-11-27 11:21:24Missing publisher/release date
GamesEditZoids Mokushiroku2012-11-27 11:19:19Missing publisher/release date
GamesEditUtsurun Desu2012-11-27 11:15:32Missing publisher/release date
GamesEditDon Doko Don 22012-11-27 11:12:58Missing publisher/release date
GamesEditKawa no Nushi Tsuri2012-11-27 11:11:08Missing alternate title/publisher/release date
GamesEditFleet Commander2012-11-27 10:47:34Missing publisher/Release date
GamesEditSuper Mario Advance2012-07-26 21:47:39Missing publisher/release date
CreditsNewTranslations - Chrono Trigger2012-06-20 14:19:27
GamesEditFront Line2012-06-11 00:01:33Missing publisher/release date
GamesEditNakayoshi to Issho2012-04-28 23:22:05Missing publisher
GamesEditFinal Fantasy Tactics - The War of the Lions2012-04-10 01:33:28Missing publisher/release date
GamesEditFront Mission 22012-03-29 02:31:09Missing publisher/release date
GamesEditShadowrun2012-03-29 02:24:45Missing publisher/release date
GamesEditRock and Roll Racing2012-03-13 23:26:48Missing alternate title/publisher/release date
GamesEditDragon Quest V (DS): Hand of the Heavenly Bride2012-03-06 02:06:50
GamesEditUltima 3: Exodus2012-02-25 01:33:38
GamesEditDonkey Kong Country2012-02-25 01:27:27
GamesEditBreath of Fire 22012-02-25 01:21:51
GamesEditSaGa 3: Jikuu no Hasha - Shadow or Light2012-02-12 14:03:14
GamesEditWolverine2012-02-09 01:17:03
TranslationsEditChrono Trigger2012-02-06 15:22:58
TranslationsNewChrono Trigger2012-02-06 11:53:58
ReviewsNewUtilities - Chrono Trigger Texteditor2009-10-02 23:03:45
GamesEditKinnikuman Muscle Tag Match2009-06-26 02:45:40
GamesEditBomberman2009-06-24 18:38:00
GamesEditGolden Sun: The Lost Age2009-06-24 01:19:48
GamesEditAkuma-kun - Makai no Wana2009-01-14 01:45:13
GamesEdit8 Eyes2009-01-12 23:07:33
GamesEditCastle Quest2009-01-12 01:20:53
GamesEditFist of the North Star2009-01-11 01:38:45
GamesEditMario Bros.2008-12-15 00:23:37
GamesEditCustom Robo2008-12-07 01:09:18
GamesEditSilva Saga 22008-10-27 05:06:20
GamesEditSilva Saga 22008-10-26 00:51:02
GamesEditBanana2008-10-25 01:02:30
GamesEditHoney Peach2008-10-18 01:03:41
GamesEditZero Wing2008-10-17 01:03:48
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