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    Changed the dash to a colon in the Alternate Title to comply with site guidelines.
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    New update from 21/20/2018: -Fixed Sonic's belly to be more closer to the original Classic Sonic design. -Now the year displayed in the Title Screen is 2018. -Improved Green Hill Zone hills to be closer to the Master System version. -Purple portal frames from Final Zone background fixed as well. Those things that I forgot to fix in the original release.
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    I am deleting my Facebook page, therefore erasing the link to it. Thank you. (+ added an ''n'' to the word labyrithesque)
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    Fixed a few errors on the readmes, which have been updated both on the package and RHDN's Readme file.
Submissions for User
HacksEditChrono Trigger Devolution2016-09-11 18:05:51Updated ROM information to use file hashes for headered ROM required by patch.
HacksEditChrono Trigger Platinum2016-05-27 18:12:28Replaced checksums - those listed were for an unheadered ROM, while the instructions specify a headered ROM.
HacksEditFrozen Flame SPC Injection2016-02-07 02:36:09Updated patching information box with information from readme/description.
UtilitiesEditTemporal Flux2012-08-10 17:21:00The update was released some time ago, but not added here.
DocumentsEditChrono Trigger Database2012-07-31 05:05:37Geiger released an update to the offsets guide, labeling it the Chrono Trigger Database. A wealth of new information is included.
CreditsNewHacks - 6-Letter Name Patch2012-07-28 02:35:55