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HacksEditRygar Ultimate2017-01-11 17:26:46Changed from "improvement" to "complete" since the description doesn't mention anything that was improved; it just says that the maps were changed, which implies new level design rather than improved level design.
ReviewsNewHacks - Gimmick! More than a simple toy2016-12-05 18:33:53
HacksEditSkies of Arcadia: Legends Maeson2016-11-18 20:36:48Changed from "Complete" to "Improvement" because that's exactly what it sets out to do: improve the game in several areas.
HacksEditSuper Pitfall 30th Anniversary Edition2016-11-18 20:33:16Changed from "Complete" to "Improvement" because, despite all the original assets, the hack merely "improves the original game while keeping the base game and level layout intact."
HacksEditNuts & Milk 22016-11-15 00:29:49Changed from "Improvement" to "Complete" as it replaces the levels rather than improving them.
HacksEditZelda3 PuzzleDudes Quest2016-11-14 22:17:59Changed category from "Improvement" to "Complete" as the hack intends "to change the gameplay as much as possible" rather than improve the base game.